Review: Your Name

After 100 years I finally got around to watching Your Name (Or Kimi No Na Wa) It was on my watch list last year but I never really made time to watch it. So during the first few weeks of 2018, whilst I was still off from uni I can proudly say I have watched… Continue reading Review: Your Name

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Vampire Knight Anime

So I'm back with another Anime review... Those who probably follow me on twitter may have seen that I have been watching Vampire Knight and I basically binged watched it every evening finishing the two seasons within 4 days [Along with going to sleep at 3am...] Although if I am being honest Vampire Knight had… Continue reading Vampire Knight Anime

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Death Note Anime Review

Hello Everyone! As you already know I am a huge fan of anime although I don't believe I have actually watched that many. I have previously done a post on my first anime which was Black Butler where I fell in love with the characters and the concept [Not to mention Sebastian Michaelis too]. But… Continue reading Death Note Anime Review

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Reviewing Black Butler Season 1-4!

 I am back again and this time I am bringing you a review on one of my favourite anime and that of course is Black Butler…I have been interested in anime and manga for quite some time although I have only watched two anime so far...So I decided it was time to do a deeper… Continue reading Reviewing Black Butler Season 1-4!