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Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Season One

This past month I managed to finish Tokyo Ghoul, it was an anime I had been hearing of a lot on twitter as season three recently just finished and one two of my close friends had a lot of good things to say about it. I originally thought that this anime would not be for… Continue reading Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Season One


Lilac Leaves Reviews: Nana

"Say, Nana... Do you remember the first time we met?" These are the introduction to beautiful anime Nana by Ai Yawaza Nana. This anime left me head over heels for it within a matter of episodes. It took me over a month to watch all 47 episodes simply because I wanted to savour every moment… Continue reading Lilac Leaves Reviews: Nana

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Vampire Knight Anime

So I'm back with another Anime review... Those who probably follow me on twitter may have seen that I have been watching Vampire Knight and I basically binged watched it every evening finishing the two seasons within 4 days [Along with going to sleep at 3am...] Although if I am being honest Vampire Knight had… Continue reading Vampire Knight Anime

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Death Note Anime Review

Hello Everyone! As you already know I am a huge fan of anime although I don't believe I have actually watched that many. I have previously done a post on my first anime which was Black Butler where I fell in love with the characters and the concept [Not to mention Sebastian Michaelis too]. But… Continue reading Death Note Anime Review