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Anime: My Hero Academia

This autumn I was recommended by a trustworthy friend to start watching My Hero Academia. I had just started my second year at university and was definitely looking for a show or more specifically an anime to help me spend my time doing things other than coursework. I had also taken a long break away… Continue reading Anime: My Hero Academia

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Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Re

After a long period of waiting season, three of Tokyo Ghoul finally released this year in May. I practically jumped straight into season three when it had just finished airing, and I had been left on the huge yet confusing cliff-hanger of season two. But for both anime fans and manga fans was the wait… Continue reading Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Re

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Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Root A

I pretty much went straight onto season two of Tokyo Ghoul as I had been watching the series on Netflix, so thankfully I didn't have to go hunting across the internet for a good copy. A quick reminder if you have not read my previous post on season one, Tokyo Ghoul fits into the genre… Continue reading Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Root A

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Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

This past month I managed to finish Tokyo Ghoul, it was an anime I had been hearing of a lot on twitter as season three recently just finished and one two of my close friends had a lot of good things to say about it. I originally thought that this anime would not be for… Continue reading Anime: Tokyo Ghoul