US/UK: The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Spellman

This October to get into the spooky Halloween mood Netflix dropped a new series based on 90's show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Although I was already watching a Korean Drama it was unplanned that I would get so hooked onto this series and be excited for the second season to come. Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of… Continue reading US/UK: The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Spellman


K-POP: Top Songs Of 2018

So as 2018 has come to an end its time for my annual round-up of the songs that have been an absolute highlight and have been on repeat for the majority of 2018. Although, I slightly fell out of the loop with the latest tracks from soloists and groups but with links been thrown at… Continue reading K-POP: Top Songs Of 2018

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That’s A Wrap – 8 Things That Made My 2018

Wow! Just where on earth did this year go? I say this all the time but with each year that passes time just seems to fly by faster than the previous! 2018 for me was one of those years that didn't have a lot going on but still had some little moments that seemed to… Continue reading That’s A Wrap – 8 Things That Made My 2018


Korean Drama: Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond was a drama that I stumbled across when I was on the lookout for a drama that was set in Winter or Fall, had romance and was going to make me cry. Yes, unbelievably I wanted a K-Drama to give me a good cry just like how I bawled my eyes out watching… Continue reading Korean Drama: Uncontrollably Fond

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Anime: My Hero Academia

This autumn I was recommended by a trustworthy friend to start watching My Hero Academia. I had just started my second year at university and was definitely looking for a show or more specifically an anime to help me spend my time doing things other than coursework. I had also taken a long break away… Continue reading Anime: My Hero Academia