US/UK: The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Spellman

This October to get into the spooky Halloween mood Netflix dropped a new series based on 90’s show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Although I was already watching a Korean Drama it was unplanned that I would get so hooked onto this series and be excited for the second season to come. Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Spellman definitely took me by surprise.


The Chilling Adventure’s Of Sabrina Spellman is Netflix’s very own original series which of course is based on popular 90’s show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. It follows Sabrina Spellman who has to make the decision of whether she will go through with her Dark Baptism and join the Church Of Night cutting off any ties to her mortal life. But to do so, she must sign the Book Of Dead handing Satan complete control over and will need to sacrifice her relationships and friendships leaving her with doubts of what exactly she is getting herself into.


I loved the spine-tingly dark genre it gave off with every episode I watched! Although, I have never really watched the 90’s version of Sabrina The Teenage which it was clear that this re-make has taken Sabrina down a much more darker route. I admit I was a tad sceptical going into the show usually because I steer clear from horror or the dark genres but was pleasantly surprised by how mild it was and that it didn’t make me want to hide beneath my covers.

I found myself liking all the characters in the series particularly Sabrina who was not afraid to question the rules of her coven and of course takes matters into her own hands. To me, she was a strong character that I enjoyed following as the episodes progressed. It was also great to see how the series made clear how hard it is for Sabrina to sign the Book Of Dead as we see how much is tying her to the mortal world including her friends and boyfriend.

I loved Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda and how they play a huge role in Sabrina’s life, especially after her parent’s death. It clear how the Aunts are so distinctly different from each other in the way they want to go about encouraging Sabrina to go through with her dark baptism. But you sort of establish that Zelda holds more of the power compared to Hilda who spends the majority of her time cooking. The two aunts had an interesting dynamic, and I am sure there is still a lot more that needs to be revealed about them and Sabrina’s parents.

Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose played a much smaller role in the first season, and I think I would have liked to have seen him more. But I really enjoyed the moments he had on screen, his advice to Sabrina and his sarcastic remarks at times. We know that he is on house arrest due to an attempt to blow up the Vatican and refuses to give the name of the people who worked with him. If I think about it, Ambrose has got a little bit mystery to him because I’m eager to find out why on earth he wanted to blow up the Vatican and just who he was working with.

I can’t forget Miss Wardell because she was a stellar character in this series working with Satan to get Sabrina onto the path of night. She helps Sabrina on multiple occasions, and she is utterly unaware that with every little thing Miss Wardell suggests is setting her a step closer to Satan. So with her signature red lipstick Wardell’s character was eerily suspicious and the big reveal on who exactly she was sent my jaw dropping!

Finally, the best aspect of the series that I found myself admiring was the mise en scene. The camera, lighting, props and set were all so spot on for what the series was trying to achieve with the dark genre. There was also that sense of timelessness that you get from Greendale with its unconventional houses, sodas and phones. The show eerily reminded a bit of Riverdale too which I later found out is related to Greendale in someway. The set and the props really just helped tie the show together and make it stand out making it the absolute perfect show to watch during the Halloween month of October.


If I am super picky with the series, I would have to say that I didn’t particularly like Sabrina and Harvey’s relationship. It just felt very bland and didn’t gel well together. While you can understand that Harvey is Sabrina’s central tie to the mortal realm it needed to be made more explicit and Harvey probably needed to have a bit more of a presence. I felt like his character was just lost through the series making him quite unmemorable.


The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Spellman was a great find and watch on Netflix especially during the Halloween month of October. It has superb characters, an engaging plot and absolutely excellent mise en scene all which draw you into the world of Greendale. There’s still so much left to explore of this world too including just how Greendale and Riverdale are connected after that cheeky Riverdale reference that was featured in an episode.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing where Sabrina’s next adventure will take us especially now she has signed the Book Of Dead.

What did you think about the Netflix adaptation? Has it done the original Sabrina Series justice with the dark twist it has added?


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