Korean Drama: Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond was a drama that I stumbled across when I was on the lookout for a drama that was set in Winter or Fall, had romance and was going to make me cry. Yes, unbelievably I wanted a K-Drama to give me a good cry just like how I bawled my eyes out watching Goblin. So through what I searched on google it seemed that Uncontrollably Fond matched the specification I had set perfectly and I was ready with my box of tissues for the flood of tears to come.


Uncontrollably Fond is a melodrama that follows popular star Shin Joon Young and documentary producer No Eul who have a rich past as teenagers but were soon separated only to be reunited in adulthood. However, as they are reunited secrets of there past begins to emerge, and the Joon Young only has months to live.

Uncontrollably Fond is definitely a melodrama but be warned although in the early episodes it starts off as quite light-hearted it gets progressively angsty and dramatic as you work your way through it. That being said I really enjoyed the individual stories that the characters had, how they were woven into the stories main plot and of course everything connected together. The lives of the characters are all so intertwined and linked, and we get too secrets come to light creating a great amount of tension. There really wasn’t a moment where I wanted to turn off, I became so invested in the lies, secrets and the characters themselves not to mention I was also rooting for the couple too! It was all so perfectly done and made my evening’s when I could get into bed and watch an episode or two.


The characters of Uncontrollably Fond are written so well, and with depth due to the backstories and secrets, everyone holds. It was interesting to see the revelations come into play and how what each character did had the ability to shift the story into a different direction.

Shin Joon Young

The main star of this drama was played by Kim Woo-Bin. I instantly recognised him because he also starred in one of the first Korean Drama’s I watched known as The Heirs (although I wasn’t very fond of him here). Shin Joon Young has that slight cocky side to him, but I have to say it did make his character likeable in a sense. But once you get passed that persona, you see he is a man who genuinely doesn’t want to die especially at a young age where he has the rest of his life to live. Joon Young also had this childlike aura to him plus you could feel the passion he held towards Eul. I have to praise Kim Woo Bin here for his stellar acting, he really did move me on multiple occasions.

No Eul

Our female lead role was taken by Bae Suzy who I became familiar with in her most recent and fairly successful drama While You Were Sleeping. Unfortunately, I didn’t become super attached to No Eul character. I could sympathise and understand her motivation for what she was doing, but her character just came across as slightly unlikable at times. That being said though I did want her to be happy after enduring such sadness and pain after losing her father and being left in debt she really deserved to have her shoulders unburdened.

No Eul & Shin Joon Young’s Relationship

These two characters are incredibly entwined based on there past, and I really enjoyed them together as a couple. The two characters themselves were quite strong but putting them together plus there little moments of bickering made them fun to watch on screen as their relationship unfolded. Plus it was great to see how they had changed since they were teenagers and how dramatic it was when they have reunited again in the snow where Joon Young asks ‘do you remember me?’

They have heaps of intense dramatic moments and have to face many obstacles that are thrown at them making you root for the couple even more. It’s just sad how the entirety of the drama is indeed focused on the secrets Joon Young has and the couple itself. But they have such little on-screen time together as an actual couple. This is what made it all more heartbreaking to see Joon Young’s health deteriorate throughout the drama especially in that scene where he forgets who his mother is, which really had me tearing up.

Choi Ji Tae

What’s a melodrama without its second male lead? Ji Tae takes a dual identity at the beginning of the drama, but you can clearly tell how much he cares for Eul. But although he definitely has feelings for her the circumstances and who he is prevents him from ever really acting on those feelings despite Eul making it clear how happy she would be with him. Ji Tae basically becomes stuck in the middle of everything in this drama putting him in many difficult situations where he always tries to do what is right. I really enjoyed his character especially the intensity he and is family brought to the entire plot of Uncontrollably Fond.

Yoon Jung Eun

Time for the character I didn’t like and of course was the centre of the many problems that this Kdrama had it is Yoon Jung Eun. She makes a grave mistake in the past where she was involved in a hit and run but is quickly able to escape the consequences due to her rich status. Her character was portrayed in the best way which was that she was hard to deal with, but when she was on screen, I just found her thoroughly annoying. But of course her past mistake comes back to bite her in the butt, and the ending she received was somewhat satisfying.

The Parents

Joon Young’s father is the reason why his son and No Eul have so many hurdles to overcome to get justice. He is of course unaware that Joon Young is his son and longs to become a prosecutor like his dad. But when its revealed how deeply involved he was in Eul’s fathers case he is completely overcome with disappointment.

On the other hand, you have Joon Young’s mother who was difficult to watch on screen. She had a huge desire to see her son become a successful prosecutor but when he becomes a Hallyu star it was sad to see how unsupportive she was. She wouldn’t even let the poor boy have her Yukgaejang and was unaware for so long her son was indeed dying. The strained relationship that Joon Young and his mother had really tugged at my heart because of how hard he was trying to fix the bridges with her before he passed away.


Uncontrollably Fond had some beautiful camera shots and angles that need to be praised and recognised. You definitely get that winter/fall setting that it gives off and makes you want to curl in bed with a nice cup of hot chocolate as you watch the drama. A few of my favourite scenes and shots can be seen below.


Uncontrollably Fond was exactly the drama I was looking for with it’s dramatic as well as a heart-wrenching plotline. Unfortunately, it didn’t make me cry as much as I hoped, but it was moving, tugged at my heart and some tears where shed which is enough for me give this a big thumbs up and recommend to anyone who is looking for a well done melodramatic romance.



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