K-POP: BTS Love Yourself Tear Review

BTS also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan made there latest comeback on the 18th May 2018 with there new album Love Yourself Tear. A fresh album with eleven brand new tracks and includes a collab with Steve Aoki. The worldwide premiere of there title track Fake Love which included an MV took place on 20th May at the BBMA’s. Love Yourself Tear is the groups third full album taking on a different and much darker side to the concept of love. So lets get on with some of my short reviews on the tracks on this brand new album.


Love Yourself Tear released on the 20th May 2018 it’s is the 2nd album within the Love Yourself series. It consists of four different album version Y, O, U, R just like there previous album Love Yourself Her. Plus has 11 very different track and takes a much darker perceptive on the concept of love and loving yourself.

“Basically love is complex. There’s sort of some sides that make us really feel bad or depressed. There could be tears, there could be sadness.”

~ RM on Love Yourself: Tear

The intro to the album Singularity which was performed and sung by Taehyung the into of the album was defiantly my genre of music. I loved the smooth jazz vibe it had as well as the incorporated choreography it included, seeing this live is going to be stellar!

The title track Fake Love to me went in a completely different direction for BTS’s music sound wise. The song opens with a stunning melody, and I absolutely loved it when the grudgey rock guitar came into play, giving it a much grittier sound. The chorus/hook was super catchy with the lyrics ‘Love you so bad’, Love it’s so mad’ and then ‘I’m so sick of this Fake Love.’ Definitely a song with quite a dark and emotional side which also really shined through there performance and MV.

The Truth Untold was a track featuring a collab with Steve Aoki and after Mic Drop have to say I was more or less expecting an EDM track here. But was completely an utterly caught of guard with the soft ballad, the stripped down instrumentals and the focus on  the stunning vocals of Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Its safe to say I was bawling after listening to it.

134340 is a great track as well but not exactly to my musical preference. It did have quite a chilled sound to it and more or less had me bopping my head along too. The soaring vocals of the chorus really added to the track overall as well. Paradise definitely had some seriously RnB vibes to it. Loved the vocals and the rap plus the actual meaning of the lyrics itself. Paradise is supposedly an extension on Suga’s idea that ‘its okay to not have a dream.’ The song also ends on such a nice note as well with the lyric ‘stop running for nothing my friend.’

Love Maze is probably my favourite track off the album because from the first listen I was head over heels for it. It was literally like a blend of two genres tropical house and RnB. Loved the main chorus was was again really catchy and the lyrics of this song left me smiling. It also happens to be RM’s favourite track off the album. Magic Shop is another fan song for the fandom and was produced by Jungkook, so we’ll definitely be seeing this being sung by the fans at concerts just like 2!3! It amazing too see Jungkook finally get a track he has produced on the album, and one that is so well done. The sweetest song with the sweetest lyrics.

Airplane Pt 2 definitely has a Latino sound to it without a doubt. Airplane Pt 2 is also an extension from the track Airplane which featured on J-Hopes Mixtape Hope World. Again it’s really interesting to see BTS delve into new genres of music and what take they have on them. Then we have Anapanman which defiantly felt like one of those fun songs like GoGo and Baepsae, so looking forward to seeing the choreography they incorporate into this track here.

“In love, when you’re not true to yourself, the love won’t last.”

~ RM on Love Yourself: Tear

So What again not to my musical taste so I couldn’t get into the song very much. Its very electronic, synth sounding and whilst it may not be up my street other people must love it! I think this track in particular stands out from the album as well because of how different it sounds to he other tracks. Outro: Tear is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Outro: Her on their previous album. This track is very rap heavy and has quite an angry flow. The main hook ‘You’re my tear‘ breaks up the large sections of rap nicely and each rapper has a distinct flow and sound to there parts.


The review isn’t complete without my opinion and story of watching the much anticipated music video. I planned to watch the comeback show which aired 8am BST, but I couldn’t bring myself to wake up at all. So at around 9:30am ish still half asleep, and in my Pyjamas’s I went downstairs to watch the MV on my TV.  My eyes kept flicking back to the clock checking the time and the anticipation was real. So when 10am hit, the Bighit Intro was rolling and I watched the MV nothing could have prepared me for it.

I was honestly shocked and caught off guard with the sound because it wasn’t what I was expecting. But the MV itself was nothing short if amazing. The sets were great, the filming was great, the outfits were so good ,and the choreography was powerful af. (Yes I acknowledge the moment Jungkook flashed and practically jumped out of my seat).  What’s amazing about this MV was no CGI was used so from the waterfall of water and even the explosion it was all real to maintain authenticity.


This album has a lot going on in it. Every track you listen to has a completely different sound. Personally I think that the album really made the vocal line of BTS stand out, of course that’s not to say the rap line were amazing to. I think with this album you’re bound to find at least one or two songs you are particularly fond of. I honestly would not be surprised if this album does indeed debut in the Billboard Top 10 in the upcoming weeks, especially after the huge exposure the group got from the BBMA’s.


What’s your favourite track off the album? Plus stay tuned for a post the BBMA’s 2018!




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