Spotlight K-pop: April

Yes, we have stepped six days into May, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten to wrap up some of the amazing music that dropped in the month of April! Spotlight K-Pop usually just consists of comebacks or debuts that have specifically caught my eye in that month, so if I have missed a few of your favourites drop a comment below!


NCT Black On Black:

NCT have been dishing out MV’s like it’s nothing. Black On Black was the last MV to drop from their latest album Empathy. The music video focuses more on the choreography which is utterly incredible and full of sharp moves. If I’m honest the MV makes you see how eighteen members all together might actually be hard to keep track of (especially when they are not split into subunits). You may find yourself watching the MV a hefty amount of times trying to catch every member. But in summary intense, smooth and bloody sharp choreography that left me with my jaw dropped.

VIXX The Scientist

VIXX have comeback with there third full length album EAU DE VIXX with title track The Scientist. This comeback has a much softer approach compared to there rather intense previous songs despite still having an EDM baseline. VIXX is a group I have fallen in and out with, but with every comeback they bring something new to the plate. I love how fresh and bright the MV was with the lab scenes, the large usage of white really helped make the other colours pop. So its safe to say I was listening and flicking back through VIXX’s songs this month and just getting back into them as a group.

EXO CBX Blooming Days

EXO’s subunit CBX consisting of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin made there latest comeback since 2016 with another up-tempo song. The MV was fresh bright and of  course great choreography. Its also nice to see CBX sticking with the upbeat and groovy feel to there songs making them stand clearly apart from the main unit EXO.

Super Junior Ft Leslie Grace Lo Siento

This was definitely my most replayed song of the month. I have always known who Super Junior was from songs like ‘Sorry Sorry’ I had seen on YouTube and there comeback last year with Black Suit. However, I never really took the time to learn the names of each member but with this comeback I picked up all the names pretty quickly. Lo Siento is a fuse of both Korean and Latin Pop Music. Essentially Lo Siento has got three languages in one song (yes there are a few little lines of English too!) It certainly a summer song and has two versions one with Leslie Grace and Spanish. But the other has KARD Somin and Jiwoo and is all in Korean, who both blended with the concept so well!

WINNER Everyday

Winner made there April comeback with another summer themed MV featuring the group and women of different shapes and ethnicities different from the usual Korean women we usually see in KPOP MV’s. Last year Winner produce two comeback with a tropical house vibe and before that they were a very pop/rock orientated group. Its interesting to see how there music is changing and how they are experimenting with different genres.



After achieving 300M votes via social media last year BTS are yet again nominated for Top Social Artist. Not only will they be attending this time they will also be preforming at the BBM’s there new single part of there upcoming full album Tear Singularity. Save Sunday 20th May because its going to be a big night.


Yes its happening BTS are going on Tour this year starting in August! It was also announced that not only will they be touring i the US but they will also have four stops in Europe including London (cue me screaming), Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam so good luck to everyone trying to get tickets! You can follow me on my twitter account for my ticket journey to BTS’s London show!



BTS – Yes, on May 18th the group will drop their third full album Tear Singularity and perform on the BBMA’S on the 20th May so save the date!

GOT7 – On May 7th GOT7 will be releasing a new Japanese Single called the New Era

(G)-IDLE – The new girl group will be debuting on the 2nd May will a mini album

NCT 127 Yes, they are still going on with releases and this time it is there Japanese Album Chain which will drop on 8th May

DREAMCATCHER – Making there comeback with a Mini Album on May 10th

What was your favourite comeback of April? Did I miss any of your favourites out? Comment below and I’ll check them out!



1 thought on “Spotlight K-pop: April”

  1. “NCT have been dishing out MV’s like its nothing” 😂😂😂😂 that got me oh my gosh😂

    I’m upset I’m not going to be able to watch BTS BBMA’s performance or listen to their new comeback because its during ramadhan😣 But oh well that can be an anticipated wait😂


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