Korean Drama: Goblin The Lonely & Great God Review

So January 2018 and I’ve just finished my first K-Drama of the year and yes it was it emotionally draining! Goblin has been on my watch list for ages and I started watching it back in December and was struggling to get through it a bit. But with the right people motivating me I am proud to say I finished it but not without crying of course. So here is my review of Goblin The Great and Lonely God.



Kim Shin is an immortal goblin and protector of souls but in order to end his long life of immortality he needs a human goblin bride. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak is a high school student with a painful past and reality summons the goblin one day and the story of the goblin and his bride begins.  Shin is also the landlord of a grim reaper who is in charge of taking deceased souls and also has his own heartbreaking story with Sunny, the owner of a chicken shop and a woman loved by all men. The lives of these four people change drastically when they meet and their lives become entangled.


As I happen to be a rather big fan of fantasy the plotline of Goblin was definitely right up my street. It was great to see a Korean drama with such a heavy fantasy concept which made discovering the world that had been built and its secrets so much more exciting. The romantic aspects of the drama was definitely a strong point as well because unlike many other dramas where you usually have a love triangle this one has two parallel love stories that sent my heart fluttering and eyes full of tears. Throughout the course of the drama, many things are revealed about each character and how they are connected. The only problem I had was the fact it did take a while for the plot to thicken up a bit, for example, Park Joo Hyun entrance I felt could have been a little bit earlier rather than later.


The backstories that Goblin brought for each character was amazing learning about there past lives, trying to figure out how they are all connected. Although, I guessed who was who pretty early on in the drama it really didn’t stop from enjoying the intense, dramatic, and heartbreaking moments of each backstory, but also how everything fell into place when all was revealed. Once you realise who is who you begin to see how Kim Shin, Sunny and Grim Reaper’s lives are inevitably entangled.

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As I briefly touched upon before the romance was a very strong aspect of this drama. I became so emotionally invested in the two relationships rather quickly. Of course, it shouldn’t even be a surprise at how much I sobbed watching the last three episodes. The romance is definitely well paced, well developed and really does leave you either smiling or crying because the love stories that have been built are that good.

Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak

It did take me a while to warm up to this relationship and I think it was simply because it is very different from other drama’s I have watched. Also, as Eun Tak appeared to be much younger than Kim Shin I felt that the romance was a tad awkward at first However, it wasn’t long before I was rooting for the couple because their romance was presented in such a swoon-worthy way.  The scenes that took place in Canada were definitely one of my favourites and it quickly became a very special place for both of them. Kim Shin and Eun Tak were a very well written pair making the story that unfolded throughout the drama very poignant indeed.

Grim Reaper and Sunny (Not Sunhee)

How I would describe this relationship in Goblin is that it is one hell of a love story.  Its funny, cute, but heartbreaking all at the same time. Poor Grim Reaper looked like a lost innocent puppy when it came to Sunny asking him questions about himself. There love story is so well woven and heart-wrenching to watch play out on screen especially when you learn of there past lives and how they have truly struggled to have there happy ending. SPOILER: I absolutely cried my eyes out when Sunny and Reaper went through the door of tea room together, and then seeing them finally have there happy ending in the next life, like I said one hell of a love story indeed.



Yes, we had romance but we can’t forget the bromance between the iconic duo of this drama Reaper and Goblin. The friendship between the two was truly what makes Goblin such a standout series. From there an introduction to the moment where they parted from each other there was never a dull moment with these two. I don’t think I will forget the moment where they came to save Eun Tak from her kidnappers doing a nice slow motion walk. However, they both had there own tragic fates to face: Goblin was now going to die because he met Eun Tak his bride, whereas Reaper struggled to connect with a mortal as Grim Reapers hold no past memories or names. All in all the bromance really does steal the show.

tenor (1).gif


We can’t leave out Deok Hwa can we because although his role in this drama was rather small he still had a rather nice presence and impact. He certainly brought comedic moments to the drama and all he ever wanted was his credit card back from his Grandfather. He also comes from a family line who throughout the generations have served to help Kim Shin/Goblin so it’s interesting to imagine how would’ve matured and helped out Kim Shin.



The number of times I sat there clutching my heart every time the OST Beautiful Life by Crush played. The soundtrack truly fits in so well with the drama and definitely heightens all the emotions you are feeling in that one scene you are watching, for example, Ailee I Will Go To You Like The First Snow really connects to Kim Shin’s feelings. The cinematography of this drama was beyond beautiful, I found myself appreciating the stunning landscapes, the various camera shots, and just the general attention to detail. I cannot imagine how much time and effort they put forward to create such an aesthetically pleasing drama the images below really to speak for themselves.



So as I described to many people about how I found the ending or more or less the last three episodes of the drama was that it was absolute emotional torture. You could say that I cried half the time watching those episodes both happy and sad tears. With Sunny and Reaper being able to move onto the next life together, it left Shin all alone which left my heart heavy because he no longer had his immortal friend to keep him company. Shin is also left exactly where he started lonely and waiting for his bride and it was sad to think of the years he had wait to see her again, and if Eun Tak does only get four lives then Shin will ultimately spend many years alone. It was great to see that Eun Tak and Shin reunite at the end but I still did have that lingering feeling of sadness.


Goblin is an exceptionally amazing drama one that has been crafted beautifully. It an incredibly romantic drama packed full of emotions, amazing OST’s and unique characters. It a drama that is definitely up in my favourites despite struggling to finish the 1 hour and a half episodes I enjoyed every moment of it. Goblin is a drama that will make you laugh, smile and cry but also will surely leave you with lingering emotions for weeks I cannot recommend a better drama for you all to watch!



tenor (3).gif
Until Next Time



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