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Completing My Final Exams, Leaving School and Heading Onto University!

Hello Blogosphere and of course my Lilac Leaves followers! I have finally finished my finals and am totally ready to jump back into the world of blogging, reading and of course KPOP! I’ve decided to do some personal posts to Lilac Leaves too just so you guys can get to know me better so that I am less of a stranger to you all when you read my posts.


Completing My Finals:

This has literally just happened fresh off the bat yesterday where I had my last final yesterday of what I like to call the Nightmare doing A-Levels. For the past year I have been studying my butt off being cooped up in my room writing notes, doing exam questions and a hell of a lot of procrastination.

Yes procrastination. When you have the temptations of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat available on your phone you are bound to pick it up and scroll through it for a good 30 minutes. But you only seem to snap of it when you here a knock or footsteps outside your door and you fling your phone across the room [at least I did anyway].

Now I study Photography, Media and Psychology or should I say did study since I’ve practically left school. I had one paper for Media which was the longest exam at 2hrs and 30 minutes and then a further three papers for Psychology. The last exam was slightly hectic because we all were nervous but decided to stick together and just give it our best shot.giphy

I’ll be honest with you all during that last exam when there was only one minute left I was having such a high school musical moment where I just wanted to toss my paper in the air! When we were dismissed we all honestly bolted out of the classroom [I didn’t even tuck my chair in #rebel]. Personally I was so relieved to just not have to touch psychology anymore because that topic was my worst nightmare for two years!


Leaving School:

Saying goodbye to my high school/sixth form was actually very emotional for me. Originally we had our Leavers Assembly back in May where all our cringe worthy year 7 pictures where shown on the board and our form tutors all said heart warming words to us all. It was starting to get a bit surreal because I was saying goodbye to new friends as well as old ones too. I really did leave school with such a heavy heart that day full of emotion. But I still had to go into school for my exams so it wasn’t goodbye just yet until today came around and I said my farewells, From my old form tutor year leader back in high school to my A-Level teachers who guided me through my teens.

But there was one goodbye that was incredibly hard for me to say and that was to the Hearing Impaired Unit. I haven’t mentioned this but I am partially deaf so my school life was hard for me at time. But without the H.I.P I feel like I would;t be where I am today, I wouldn’t be the confident young women I have become. The teachers in the H.I.P truly helped and supported me for 7 years full of loads of smiles and heart warming chats. I was very much close to tears when I said goodbye to them.

Leaving School was incredibly emotional but at the same time a relief because I really am ready to move onto the next chapter in life.

giphy (1)

Starting University:

Speaking of the next chapter which is of course University! I am really excited to start University especially because I am super happy with the courses I have chosen as a combined honours which are Media Arts and Creative Writing. I am looking forward to freshers Week where I will hopefully find new friends who share the same interests me and looking forward to gaining my independence as a young woman.

But I do have some fears mainly about making friends… I’m a bit worried I may just stand there like an awkward stick with a smile slapped to my face. But I’m trying to think positive about this because I absolutely adore the university I have chosen based on the atmosphere and the lovely lectures I have met! So hopefully, I’ll make it to uni and graduate in three years to tell you all about it!


 Anyway guys that the first personal post I have done so you guys know a bit about who I am and what on earth is going on in this crazy life of mine! Also HSM Gifs basically summed up this blog nicely! Tell me a bit about yourself in the comments down below and be sure to follow me on twitter @LilacLeaves17 to keep updated!

This was my OTP years ago!! The memories!



8 thoughts on “Completing My Final Exams, Leaving School and Heading Onto University!”

  1. LOL! Never tucked my chair in #rebel😂😂😂😂 deadass dying over here!!! Aweee..l.and the high school musical memeories💕 Man….I will miss school…especially all of your guys there with me but of course we got University next year!!!!!🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻

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  2. Congratulations to you !
    It feels amazing to complete finals and I know the feeling first hand because I’ve recently completed my graduation 🎉

    I truly hope that you have the best of the experiences and meet the top class people. 💛

    I also understand your excitement combined with a tad bit of nervous energy coz Im feelin’ too. 😀

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