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Vampire Knight Anime

So I’m back with another Anime review… Those who probably follow me on twitter may have seen that I have been watching Vampire Knight and I basically binged watched it every evening finishing the two seasons within 4 days [Along with going to sleep at 3am…] Although if I am being honest Vampire Knight had been sitting on my Netflix list for quite sometime and I finally decided to watch it.

A Quick Run Down Of What Vampire Knight is about:

So Vampire Knight is set in Cross Academy which has two separate classes: Day Class and Night Class.Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are Guardians of the academy, and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings. However, the students in the Night Class are not ordinary at all they are in fact Vampires hence the reason why Zero and Yuki must ensure the safety of Day Class Students.Yuki takes on her role with a positive and energetic attitude and she is always grateful for her saviour the president of the Night students’ dorm Kaname Kuran. Zero, on the other hand has deep hatred against vampires and will not hesitate to kill. And so the question is raised can vampires and humans co-exist, even in the strict setup of the Cross Academy?

The Story: Swoon-worthy and Twisted at the same time!

The story was definitely an aspect I loved in VK. It had such a mysterious vibe to and as I was watching I knew that there was definitely something more to this anime and it was not just based around romance between Yuki, Kaname and Zero. The story for one gets darker as you watch on and the characters do change in some ways. It may take a while to actually understand everything as things are revealed bit by bit but honestly it is worth the wait because by the time I got to Season Two my jaw had dropped completely at the reveals [Best way to describe it – IT WAS LIKE THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS ALL OVER AGAIN!] This anime to me really found it’s way to balance romantic aspects but also that darker and more mysterious twist to it along with comedic moments. Yes it does have a love triangle included but personally I don’t think it actually effected the story itself and did not form the entire basis of the anime thankfully.

Characters: I Fell In Love With Kaname Kuran 

One thing anime’s always manage to do well is with backstories, allowing the audience to look into the past of a character in order to get to know them. The backstories of each character were absolutely stunning but heartbreaking at the same time. I think through the backstories, the flashbacks you certainly learn that not all characters are what they seem and it makes you view them in a completely different light.

An aspect that I loved about VK was that although you have your main characters Zero, Kaname and Yuki it does not stop you from exploring the other characters and get to know them too. Take Hanabusa he may not be a main character but you will still know exactly who he is this can be said the same for Takuma too.

So I think I’ll go into some depth about our three main characters. First off we have our protagonist Yuki Cross. Yuki is not your usual badass female anime character, she is one who has a caring nature to her as she tries to help Zero however, this can honestly be perceived as her weakness.  She is a strong will and rather positive charcter in VK but we however see her character deteriorate as she remembers things from her past leading her to become unstable. I did like Yuki in some ways a character but if I look rather closely I can see that she didn’t have much development and I would have really liked to see her use her that staff of hers. However, I can’t leave out the fact she is such a cute wittle baby in those flashbacks!


Now with VK we have two love interests and it really is the case of which one are you leaning towards and which one should be with Yuki. However, both males have a lot more to them than what they seem.

Zero was a character who came across as rather cold hearted to me but as I said before those backstories really made me see him in a different light. As I learned about his family and the root cause to his hatred of vampire I began to under his reasoning behind everything. His backstory honestly made my heart ache especially that close bond and relationship with his twin really did touch me. Zero’s situation in VK was a rather sad one.

Heart wrenching in so many ways

Now we head on over to final character Kaname Kuran who honestly completely won me over. When I first heard his name I have to say it really piqued my inetrest because I ended up falling in love with the name Kaname itself [Japanese names are stunning in general]. Kaname is a Pureblood Vampire respected by many but he also cares a lot for Yuki and of course wants to protect her [Why you ask? Well you find out when you watch!]. Kaname may come across as rather full on with his caring side to Yuki and you may think he has some ulterior motive behind everything but I knew I just knew that there was more to him than just so high ranked vampire. But honestly, I really did fall for Kaname in this!


The Ending: Is there a Season Three?!

Okay with the ending to VK I was left a tad disappointed with the battle which I hoped would overflow with so much vampire badassery but it just left me deflated. However, I will mention that the headmaster was indeed badass and that other past identity had left me with wide eyes! But the twists and turns plus the reveal of everything certainly did not. The ending was actually quiet sweet but rather left open ended too which just left me shaking my ipad thinking ‘There had to be a season three!!!’ I don’t mind open ends for our interpretation but this one I just felt like this needs to be wrapped up nicely please!

Other Points

I really liked the intro’s for both season one and two – The soundtrack really got me excited to watch the episode. Hanabusa was actually a character I also really liked despite his somewhat cocky traits he seemed to have with him. He is genuinely very loyal to Kaname and only wishes to help him. Again I also really liked the name Hanabusa too. Ruka however, was a character that annoyed me in VK… She came across as rather pathetic at time and I didn’t understand her use really. Finally the name for the vampire gun Bloody Rose was something I also really loved.

Hanabusa I love you but Kaname slapping you just cracked me up all the time

Overall: Let’s Draw This To An End

A swoon worthy anime full of vampires but it’s fleshed out backstories and twists definitely do make it an entertaining watch. Although it had its flaws it still kept me hooked on and watching.

Will you check out Vampire Knight or have you already watched it? Let me know what you think down below in the comments or tweet me at @LilacLeaves17.

I’ll end this here with this Yuki telling Kaname not to cry.. Bless!



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