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Death Note Anime Review

Hello Everyone! As you already know I am a huge fan of anime although I don’t believe I have actually watched that many. I have previously done a post on my first anime which was Black Butler where I fell in love with the characters and the concept [Not to mention Sebastian Michaelis too]. But Death Note was great contrast to Black Butler and really prompted me to delve further into the anime world! Sooo shall we start with this review?

A Quick Rundown Of What Death Note is About:

So Death Note is an anime and a manga series which my friends I am working towards purchasing. It follows our main character Light Yagami who is a high school student and one day he discovers a note book from a Shinigami name Ryuk. However, this notebook isnt like any ordinary one it has the power who;s name and face that Light knows leading him to pursue his aim to cleanse the world of either. But that’s not easy when he has Japan’s greatest detective L standing in his way.

The Story : Defiantly One To Make You Think

Now typically speaking Death Note is pretty much your usual cat and the mouse chase between detective L and Criminal with the Death Note Light. However, it has such a dark twist to it and has a rather debatable topic about morals and justice. It’s all sparked off from Light Yagami’s vision of where he hopes to create a utopia cleansed from evil where he is the god leading criminals to be punished raising the question is this morally right to do? It presents a large debate that isn’t so easily answered and this was key aspect I particularly loved about Death Note the fact it has the ability to make me question things.


However, although we have this topic brought forward there were so many other strong points including the way the story unravels and that cat the mouse theme was played out so well that I was on the edge of my seat. It’ so twisted and unpredictable in many ways because you genuinely do not know what is going to happen next!

Now the second arc was where I felt like the anime was slightly dragging. After the draw dropping ending to the first one and with myself still trying to process what happened I ended up feeling rather deflated of how they had managed to introduce N into the story being an exact replica of L. But this arc may have dragged on but it still contributed a lot to the story in many ways and helped draw the cat and the mouse chase to an end.

Characters: Incredible Depth and Interactions:

One thing I will always and I mean always love about anime is the interaction we get between characters. They can vary from rather intense moments to comedic ones that make me chuckle. With Death Note its the case of which one are you rooting for: Are you on Team Light? Or Are you on Team L/Ryuzaki? Both characters posses intelligence and witty aspects to them and frankly because of this aspect there interactions where so god damn good! Both characters stand at complete opposite ends of this debate but both similar, unique but likable in different ways. Light I would say is a very charismatic and manipulative character but very demented at the same time. Ryuzaki who I honestly really loved is intelligent and quirky but also very very careful about his next moves. Light and Ryuzaki’s interactions where truly the highlight to this anime.Although we had these intense characters we also had our Shinigami Ryuk who added that little bit of comedy in there so the story was exactly all dark.

Character development was stunning in Death Note and particularly notable [get it! LOL] in Light who starts has calculating and calm but towards the end we see him a wits end and begins to crack into a reckless mess. This vision he has was almost like his obsession and pretty much overtook him blinding him from many other things. There are many other characters in Death Note in 1st and 2nd Arc but Light and Ryuzaki pretty the basis of this story and they were amazing!


Art and Animation: Not An Expert But I’ll Give This A Shot

Okay by no means am I some kind of expert on animations but watching Death Note kinda got me thinking a bit. The dark colours went so well with anime portraying its dark story-line perfectly and the scenery was done beautifully [Especially at the end of episode 37 that setting was so pretty I took a screenshot of it!] This anime even made writing with a bloody pen look cool showing close ups of Light writing but also his actually reaction and state when he was doing it just added to everything.

You see! Doesn’t that look cool!?

The Ending: Don’t Worry No Spoilers!

So the ending wrapped everything up rather nicely but my god was it so tense. I didn’t know whether Light was actually going to get away with it or not. I just loved how Death Note simply ended with a bang and did not disappoint at all! 

Overall: Let’s Draw This To A Close:

Two words I will say in the most British accent ever: Bloody Amazing! It was a long Anime to watch with a hefty amount of 37 episodes but it was so worth it. Yes I did loose a lot of sleep staying up still 3am but that my friends was how good it was. Death Note made me think in so many ways over its debatable topic but that is what makes this anime so brilliant and shine.  

I defiantly recommend Death Note the Anime to you all not the Americanized Netflix Version which is due to release. So when you do watch it feel free to tweet me your reactions on twitter @LilacLeaves17 or comment below!

On that Note [Get it.. Okay I’ll stop] I will end things with this cute Gif of L eating cake.


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