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The Wrath & The Dawn By Renee Ahdieh

Hey Book Lovers! I recently finished The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh and it was so so good! I was meant to review this book yesterday but I was stuck on Pinterest looking at fan-art and quotes from this book, in other words I wasn’t fully over the book yet and my feels were just all over the place. So I thought let’s just wait one more day to gather up my opinions and just calm the heck down. This book had me screaming for the next book because I want it right now!


When I started TWATD I was really unsure whether I would enjoy the book but boy was I wrong I was hooked by 2 chapters! Renee uses beautiful descriptive imagery style writing and I had absolutely no problem getting into her style of writing. This book was wonderfully structured and always had me interested as there was never a moment where I was bored with what I was reading. The characters in this book are unique and it was easy for me to connect to them. Last but not least the romance is intoxicating and slow burning which had be swooning all over the place when I was reading this book! One of the main reasons I particularly enjoyed this book was because of the diversity it has to offer. This book has aspects of the Persian and Arabic culture this was probably one of the reasons why I was so drawn to the book because of the diversity it offers. I personally think that there aren’t enough diverse books out here in the world today. Also the description of the food in this book just drove my stomach crazy with hunger because they were so well written..!

So first of all I shall talk about Shahrzad who is also known as Shazi is this book as her nickname. So Shazi is our main protagonist in this book, she is full of hatred, despair and wants vengeance for the death of her best friend Shiva which leads her to volunteering to become Khalid’s (The King/ Caliph of Khorasan) wife. From the moment we were introduced to Shazi I knew that she I was going to like her very much in this novel. Shazi is strong willed and defiantly isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and snap back some rude comments which honestly had be laughing at times and saying ‘Oh snap she did not just say that!’ She respects herself and expects the same amount of respect from others around her even the King. Shazi is also stubborn of course and is quite handy with a bow and arrow but also a captivating story teller. I actually loved reading the stories that she told Khalid and throughout the book you defiantly see how Shazi feelings soon change but also how she develops into the role as Calipha of Khorasan. Overall she was a fabulous characters and I loved reading from her perspective in this book!


Next up it is Khalid the King of Kings, Caliph of Khorasan and the ‘murderous boy-king.’ So of course I loved him in this book he was defiantly swoon worthy! Even though he takes a new wife he hangs them at dawn I could not think that Khalid was this cold hearted monster that people saw and that Shazi wanted to kill. Of course there was something hidden beneath him but he was often very quiet and distant to those who were closest to him. Khalid is also a very skilled swordsman and he is the second best swordman in Rey. He is captivated by Shazi stories but also with Shazi herself as she isn’t afraid of him who eventually draws Khalid to her in order to find out why. His story and past was revealed slowly and when it was my heart just simply went out to him and all is not what it seems. His relationship was Shazi was beautiful and he looks at her with pride and he has a hell of a lot of respect for her. He refuses to believe she is weak and believes she could do anything if she wanted to.


Despina. She is Shazi handmaiden in this book so let’s discuss her next. I honestly thought she was a great addition to the story. She is sassy and has this amazing female friendship with Shazi, their conversations often made me laugh or simply smile just because of the awesome banter between the two of them. Despina also calls Shazi ‘Brat Calipha’ which just made me smile everytime she called her that. Despina is also very stubborn like Shazi and has some awesome lines in this book.. I defiantly loved the addition of the female friendship between Despina and Shazi!TWATD Q1A

Next up its Jalal who is Captain of the Guard and is Khalid’s cousin. Jalal is flirty, cocky and very light-hearted and again he was a wonderful addition/side character. What I particularly like about Jalal is how he treated Khalid as a friend rather than a king, and also treated Shazi as family straight away. Throughout the book you can defiantly see how much Jalal cares about Khalid and how he wants Khalid to open up to him and just talk to him. Jalal is also not afraid to joke around with Khalid and push him despite what it could inflict upon him. All he wants to do is to help Khalid and take some of the burden away from him. Without Jalal I don’t think Khalid would have had anyone there for him.TWATD Q2C

Jahandar, Shazi father has a beautiful relationship with his daughters and to see one of them go to her death was probably very hard on him indeed and he is desperate to get her back. He does come across as quite pathetic and nervous and is a man who is full of grief to the point where he was unable to function to raise his children. We occasionally flick back to him thought-out the novel and see what he is up to and how he changes and boy it is not good at all! I don’t know what he is doing but I am worried what will become of him in the next book!

Last but not least let’s talk about Tariq. Shazi’s childhood sweetheart is determined to get her back from ‘the monstrous boy king’ and bring her back home where she belongs. You can defiantly see how much he loves Shazi and how much he wants to help her. Now at first I didn’t mind him and I quite enjoyed seeing his banter with Rahim but then he started to irritate me a lot.. He just wouldn’t take in what Shazi was saying to him and that just made me really frustrated with his character.

Now that the characters are all done let’s move onto the plot. So as you probably know this book is a retelling of One Thousand and One Nights which I was not familiar with at all. But even though this was the case I was till hooked onto story and eager to read more after every chapter I read! TWATD is mainly a love story of course and a very good one indeed. It focuses on the relationship between Shazi and Khalid and how it develops throughout the book. Renee Ahdieh does a fabulous job of weaving different characters into the plot which just made the book more captivating. Whilst I was drawn away from the main plotline at times there was never a moment where I wanted to stop reading! And the cliffhanger was just torture! I was flicking through the last pages thinking there has to be more!

Finally let’s have a quick little chat about the writing style which I absolutely just fell in love with! The descriptions were beautiful and there was never a moment where I wanted to skim read the descriptions. Also her descriptions of food just left my stomach rumbling with hunger! There were a few words that I was not familiar with but thank god for the glossary at the end of the book, which I unfortunately discovered after finishing the whole book but this book was written fabulously.

A book definitely worth a 5 star rating from me! What did you guys like about TWATD? Get discussing down below people!



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