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The Rose and The Dagger By Renee Ahdieh

So this brilliant dulogy is finally coming to an end and boy am I sad about it? Yes I am! I totally fell in love with the characters, plot and writing style! 



So let’s start of with out main character Shahrzad… I absolutely loved her in The Wrath and The Dawn and she has continued to be a stunning character in TRATD.Shazi is fierce, witty and has a sharp mouth. She is not easily intimidated. She is determined and opinionated. She is willing to risk her own safety just for Khalid to be free.I admire her character, nothing stopped her from finding out if there is anything that they can do to reverse the curse. Even if she somehow left the castle for a while, she planned and did things on her own all because of love and loyalty.

Next up its Khalid who again has proven to be a character with many dimentions to him. He is a man of few words. He isn’t easily pleased and he doesn’t give his full trust to someone not unless that person deserves it. But he gave in to Shazi’s charm and wit. I loved Khalid’s character, he is strong and handsome. He loves deeply and is willing to fight and kill for Shazi and the people he loves. Both Khalid and Shazi complement each other. They are stubborn and very much in love.

Tariq was a character that unfortunately got on my nerves quite a bit in this book..He is Shazi’s precious first love and best friend. He is the one behind the group who plans to destroy the caliph too. He was pretty much blinded by his feelings throughout most of the book. He thinks that Shazi is just a young lady who is blinded by love. But after one significant yet tragic incident, things turned upside down and he discovered a lot of things about the Caliph of Khorasan.

Then our final key player in this book is Jahander after how the last book had ended I knew that what he was up to was not good at all..! In this book he doesn’t seem to get any better he simply has that craving for power but the reason behind this is because he feels like he has been pathetic and unable to protect his daughters from harm.. But I believed that he had a warm heart and he wanted to do good and what he did at the end of the book was so sweet..!

We also have our minor characters Rahim and Irsa who were just two little cuties in this book and I was definetly shipping them.. We also have Jalal and Despina who have quite a complicated releationship here… Then Musa also makes a reapperance.


The writing style is simply stunning.. I adore the descriptions that Renee Ahdeih gives she writes with justice and she executes every scene perfectly! At first, I got bored because the love birds are not together but as the story goes on and new things are revealed. This story contains a lot of jaw-dropping secrets that will have you wanting and asking for more!

So sadly this review has now come to an end and so has this wonderful book! What did you guys think of the conclusion?



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