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Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

Hey Book Lovers! Wow I’m seriously adding loads of reviews from my old blog up today! I think I’m almost done then I will actually start writing reviews properly again! But let’s get into this review of Red Queen which wasn’t exactly my favourite book..


rating 1

So I think that if you are fans of The Hunger Games, The Selection, Graceling and Divergent you will defiantly enjoy this book!

So I think I’ll start off with the world building of the book which was excellent! A society split by blood where people who have red blood are commoners who are treated like dirt and slaves by those who are silver blooded. The silvers consider themselves as superior and rule due their blood and magical abilities they suppress through their blood. As much as I loved the world building in this book there were some aspects that confused me as I believed this was a dystopian book but sometimes I was actually getting fantasy vibes from it so I believe this book is hard to place in one genre.

The writing style of this book was something I wasn’t too fond of when I first started reading this book. There was repetition which was evident in the early stages of the book where many phrases of words people spoke and facial expressions were used repeatedly in different moments of the book which did get tedious at times. However as this started fading away her writing style grew on me and I found myself loving some of her short sentences and metaphors in this book. I also felt that the fight scene that Aveyard wrote were amazing and so tense!

The plot was the highlight of the book. Although I found it to be slightly predictable at times as I managed to guess some things before they happened but it was full of drama, suspicion, action and anticipation. Sometimes I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next. The story had be constantly questioning who I should trust as it warns early on that anyone and betray anyone. The plot twists in this book were amazing and the way the books ended just had be itching for the next book! I think the plot twist defiantly made up for some of the aspects of the book I didn’t like.

Let’s have a quick chat about the main characters’ so our main protagonist is Mare who I wasn’t liking very much at first because of her stubbornness. BUT I noticed as the book went on I was rooting for her because I made notes such as ‘go Mare’ or ‘come on Mare’ But Mare was overall a character that I liked despite some of her traits she had. Next up I want to talk about Cal who is the older Prince of the Kingdom and is a sliver. Now Cal was a weird one for me because he annoyed me, I found him to be a typical male character and he frustrated me so much sometimes but for a weird reason I loved him. He has a air of mystery to his character, he is charming, noble and edgy and I think that’s maybe what I liked about him?  Finally we have Maven who I loved at first he was such a sweet and innocent character and in a lot of my notes I wrote ‘Aww Maven’ I admit I had my suspicions about him at first but he was such a sweetie that I brushed them aside but dude I should of kept them right!

Last but not least let’s talk about the big old love triangle in this book. I didn’t exactly enjoy the love triangle a lot I mean I don’t mind love triangles but they have to be done well and unfortunately this one was not.. First of all, is because it seemed like it all happened so fast. Mare’s feelings seemed to move fast for the boys and there was no proper development. I also couldn’t distinguish between who Mare felt most strongly about. When she was with one of the boys, it would seem like he’s the one that she truly cares about, but then when she’s with the other, it’s the same. It lacked a lot of flavour and depth which I would hope to see more of maybe, in the next book.

Although this book was predictable at times, the love triangle wasn’t done to my liking and the characters did annoy me at times and that it doesn’t have the most unique concept also had some cheesy moments I still found it to be very entertaining therefore I’ve rated it a 4/5 for entertainment but a critical rating would have to be 2.5/3 out of 5 stars. I’m going to be reading Glass Sword very soon I think because that ending was amazing! [Still haven’t got to it!]




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