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Lady Midnight By Cassandra Clare [Spoiler Zone]



As I stated in my non spoiler review I loved the plot to Lady Midnight and generally always love her plot lines in her books. The plot for this book was quite mysterious and we follow Emma, Julian and the rest of the Blackthorns who need to catch a person called the guardian who is not only murdering humans but also the Seelies. So as we know it is the Seelie’s who come to the Blackthorns and ask for their help to uncover the murder and give them 3 weeks to do so. Obviously the Blackthorns were not so eager to help due to the Cold Peace Law which was created after the Dark War in COHF. That’s until the Seelie’s offer them something in return which left me with my mouth gaping open but we’ll discuss that more later. Not only is that the reason why the Blackthorns offer to help but also because these murders could be linked to Emma’s parent’s death! Honestly the plot had so many twists and turns and the plot twists left me so shock! We also have this whole plot on Emma and Julian’s forbidden parabatai love which left such an ache in my heart because I ship them together! But I will be discussing that further on in this review.


So first I want to talk about Mark Blackthorn I loved him. I honestly thought he had sof646832fac82156e4eedb6a85cdc8c91many hilarious lines that just made me burst out loud laughing! But what he has been through was not amusing at all not only has he been physically abused by the faeries but also mentally abused by the faeries. I was not expecting Mark to actually be in this book but when he arrived I had to read the line so many times. But when he see’s Julian as his father I knew that something wasn’t right at all, the problem was that Mark had no idea how many years he has been away from his siblings and hasn’t aged at all so he is practically the same age as Julian. When he meets his siblings who are so happy to see him he flinches away from them and thinks it’s a trick from the faeries but he soon learns to accept the age his siblings are but he can’t look after them as he hasn’t really been given time to mature in Faerie. But he did fall in love with someone in. When I learnt how he and Mark fell in love and how he kept Mark company and befriended him. All of a sudden I was like do I ship this or not. My answer is that I don’t ship it because I don’t think that there love is genuine because the fact that Kieran let Marks family suffer for him just so he could get Mark back was wrong if he truly loved Mark he would let him be with family. To be honest I am on board the Mark and Cristina ship because she was able to help him accept that his siblings have changed and are older now.

177e215cf258ef4fa7d54358f434311bSince we are talking about Cristina with Mark I think we should talk about her has a character and I really liked her. She is such a strong female character and she has such a great friendship with Emma when she said to Emma ‘I wish you were my parabatai’ I was literally thinking I so wish you were guys were parabatai too! Cristina however, also has such a mysterious past. I mean get references to Perfect Diego so many times but we never actually know why they are not together until we find out she was betrayed by him and her best friend Jamie who was supposed to her parabatai I mean to lose your best friend and your lover in one day must of hurt a heck of a lot! Diego says that Jamie was drunk but for some reason I don’t believe him.. I can totally see why Cristina refers to Diego as Perfect Diego.

I really want to just discuss Diana briefly too because she is really mysterious and I really want to know more about her past which she keeps it so bottled up. I mean I know she has lost a lot I think. She is also the Blackthorns tutor but throughout the whole book she is mostly absent it turns out she was getting information on Malcolm but she didn’t think to tell the rest of them what she was doing. I also wonder why she didn’t want to become the head of the LA Institute I mean that would of helped Julian a lot because we obviously know that Arthur is ill. I am really curious about her character. So as we know the Blackthorns are a big family and I don’t know how Cassie did it but she made each sibling so individually unique. I’m really curious about Tiberius, he is so different from the rest of his siblings and I really want to know more about why he is like this. He also wants to go to Scholmace and research on things rather than become a Shadowhunter who has to fight demons. We defiantly see that Ty goes through some really quick character development and he also knows that Julian does so much for all of them and wants to take the burden of Julian and try to give it to Mark. I definitely want to see and explore more of Ty’s character in the next books.

Ok next I am going to talk about Emma who is one of my favourite protagonists that Cassandra Clare has created. She is so strong and brave and kind of has a mix of Jace and Clary. Life hasn’t been easy for Emma since the Dark War she lost her parents, witnessed a war and also has had to help Julian from the age of 12 raise his siblings. All this still continues to have an effect on her in Lady Midnight because she still has nightmares about the Dark War and her parents dying that why she and Julian have this thing where they sleep next to each other due to the nightmares they both have and everything they have been through. Throughout this book I just wanted to give both of these characters a huge hug. Julian has also had such a hard life from the age of 12 he has gone through so much. Julian has killed his father in order to protect his siblings; he has also lost his identity as brother gain one as a parent because he has raised his siblings since he was 12. He also has had to keep so many secrets from his siblings and single handily run the LA Institute himself. He has so much weight on his shoulders! He constantly has to keep up this facade to hide his feelings from Emma and his siblings. It’s so hard to read that he has had such a hard life and barley had a childhood with his siblings.

The most exciting bit to talk about now yes I’m talking about Julian’s and Emma’s relationship duh! I totally ship them together well I’m sure most of us do! We know that Julian has had romantic feelings for Emma since he was 12 years old but throughout the book we see how Emma starts to romantic feeling for Julian start to form and how both of their feeling begin to get stronger and stronger. They both care about each other fiercely 204747025542f0bde2f8c1f8476986ddand want to protect each other but not in the platonic parabatai way. I feel like Emma and Julian are the mother and father to the Blackthorn siblings because there was a certain moment where Emma and Julian both go to check on Tavvy when he is crying and they both sleep next to Tavvy. We do get a sex scene in this book between Emma and Julian and I actually read it whilst I was on the coach to a university convention and boy did I just want to scream out yes! I must have been smiling stupidly to myself too! But that scene was written so beautifully like all of Cassie’s sex scenes are and this time we didn’t have to wait 6 freaking books for it to happen. I loved how she addresses protection as I don’t think many authors mention protection a lot which I believe is an important thing to do so teenagers are aware.

Now for the thing I was waiting for the entire book the big question of why parabatai romantic love is forbidden. When I found out I was literally thinking Cassie why did there have to be such a good reason because in fact it is dangerous because it can lead to a craving of power, death and destruction of themselves. All this time I was when I thought about the parabatai law of falling in love was lex mulla lex nulla (A bad law is no law which by the way is an awesome Blackthorn family motto but how the Clave okay with this motto?) But hell no this law is there for a pretty good reason!


870c0d64aeec611471d2527389923a8bSo when I found out that Malcolm was the guardian and when everything was coming together I was literally thinking WHAT THE HECK!? I loved Malcolm’s character, Warlocks are like my favourite Downworlders and because I know Magnus Bane as a character I instantly put my trust into Malcolm. I actually believe he was helping the Blackthorns and the fact he killed Emma’s parents as an experiment made me so angry! The ironic thing is that after I found out he was guardian I realize Cassie had put a ton of foreshadowing in! Malcolm made so many references to love and even said he came back to LA to bring back the one he loved that someone is Annabel Blackthorn! How did I miss this guys!? Jem and Tessa appeared finally in this book and I fangirled so much at that moment and then suddenly we get a huge plot twist that the thing they were looking for was the lost freaking Herondale who is Kit AKA Christopher Jonathan Herondale. I flipped out at that point! It left me with a crap ton of questions! Next the most heart breaking moment of the book was Emma breaking Jules after she had learnt why parabatai love is forbidden. It was so so sad and Julian saying he will never give up on Emma just broke me completely!

Then it gets even more twisted because she goes to Mark and they are going to pretend to be in love and date and Mark accepts because he had just seen Cristina and Diego kissing. But oh no Cassie doesn’t stop there all of a sudden Mark shuts the door and offers a hand to Emma and says ‘Why lie?’ At that exact moment my jaw dropped open and I gasped! Then I said out loud ‘Mark freaking Blackthorn what the heck are you doing!’ Honestly this will break Julian so much because we know he would hate it if Emma was with Mark but it will also ruin his relationship with Mark too! But will Emma accept what Mark offered? Oh why Cassie why did you do this? Oh Annabel is also alive but the question is how?

So I think I’m done. Phew! Lord Of Shadows doesn’t release until April or May 2017 and that is going to be hard to read because this whole freaking love octagon between Emma, Jules, Mark, Cristina Diego and perhaps even Kieran! Seriously Cassie what the hell are you planning next? I bracing myself for heart break here because I’ve heard the ending to TDA is supposedly more heart wrenching than TID!




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