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Lady Midnight By Cassandra Clare [No Spoiler Zone]


As you can probably tell I am talking about Cassandra Clare’s latest release called Lady Midnight. I finished lady midnight 3 days ago and it took me about a week to finish read the whole book, just because i was savoring every moment of it. So you’re wondering what the hell have i been doing for the last 3 days since I’ve finished it? I’ve practically been reading all my favourite parts again, stalking Cassandra Clare’s tumblr for more info on the next book and finally been going crazy on Pinterest by pinning tons of Shadowhunter fan art! As usual I will be doing a non spoiler review followed by a most likely to be a long spoiler review so all I can say is brace yourself cause this is a long one guys!


So basically guys I read the heck out this book, I mean you guys all know that I binge read all of Cassandra Clare’s books in 2-3 months even though before I read this I always said I was never planning on reading TMI. Now look at me, I fangirl all over the place when I hear something about her books. But Lady Midnight was on a whole different level compared to TMI because it was freaking fantastic. It definitely made me laugh, cry and I had this ache in my heart the whole time I was reading it. So before I go into a more in depth spoiler discussion I think we need to address the question of whether you need to read TMI, TID and Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy. From what I have heard and from what I have read I would say it isn’t necessary to read these other books but I highly, I repeat highly recommend that you should read these books because you will miss out on some great references and characters. Plus all of Cassie’s books are amazing! So if you have read TID, TMI and TFASA like me I found it so easy to jump into this book since I was already so familiar with this world that has been created. So let’s talk about the plot which was pretty solid and was so good, like all of Cassie’s’ books you always have such a mysterious plot line which I love because I do love a good mystery plot where I can try and piece together the clues too.

The new characters in Lady Midnight were so refreshing to read about and are definitely very different and unique from the other characters in TID and TMI. I love how Cassie manages to make each female protagonist portray bravery in so many different ways and how each female protagonist is so unique. Emma Carstairs has got to be one of my favourites that Cassie has created and I actually see her as inspiration just because how strong willed and brave she is. Julian Blackthorn is a complete sweetie and when I was reading this book I literally just wanted to jump inside the book and give him a big hug. He is so protective over his family and has held a ton of responsibility since he was 12 years old. You also have Ty, Livvy, Dru and Tavvy who are Julian’s siblings and they were a nice addition to the story and they were each individually different from each other. Finally I’ll say a few lines on Cassie’s writing style which was stunning you can definitely see how far she has come and developed as a writer. I have to mention that the diversity that this book has to offer is great! You have bisexuals and different ethnicities and races. Cassie also isn’t afraid to address illnesses such as autism which I believe helps raise awareness of these illnesses.

So to conclude this book was great and although it is set in the same world Cassie still manages to throw in some new aspects into it and the plot twists just drove me nuts! Although this book is about 700 pages it didn’t feel forced or rushed, although it did take me a while to get into. I honestly cannot wait until the next book in TDA series which planned to be released it April 2017. Obviously this book got both a 5/5 critical and entertainment rating.

What did you make of Cassie’s newest Shadowhunter Series? Did it live up to your expectations?



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