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13th Febuary 2017 – BTS Comeback with Spring Day and Album You’ll Never Walk Alone

Pending Release Of MV For Not Today

So Bangtan came back again with another killer MV and album that has literally rocked up the charts again! As there popularity begins to grow rapidly and they continue to break countless records again! I think it’s safe to say that Bangtan are defiantly exceeding and living up to expectations by producing such amazing music for their fans to enjoy! But let’s dig deeper into the MV Spring Day and the sound that BTS has produced for this new track along with others!

Music Video: Spring Day

So Spring Day was released at 12am KST which in the UK for me is 3PM, unfortunately, I was not able to watch the preview show as I did with their previous comeback with Blood, Sweat Tears. But never the less I was still highly anticipating their comeback after seeing the teaser. BTS have taken a completely different theme to this comeback where Blood Sweat Tears was more infused with the sexiness that BTS could bring to the stage and a much more darker story line which was incredibly twisted and had everyone spazzing out with theories.  Spring Day takes a much more sentimental and friendship based theme along with highlighting through the lyrics what it is like to lose someone who has perhaps passed away.  Immediately when you start the MV you are greeted with scene where V places his head on the train track, now for me this is an incredibly powerful and intense introduction to the MV on its own and just seeing him do that made me quite emotional.  The MV is so ascetically pleasing with the scenery and the camera work it takes and you can really tell how much Bighit puts forward into these MV’S…  I mean come on there was a mountain of laundry put together in it! But honestly, the production of the MV was amazing in its own way because it perfectly matched up with the song and enhanced all the emotions by a thousand percent.

Spring Day Sound

Spring Day is distinctly very different to the group’s past hits. This time, they went with a song that is more vocally centered.  The song has a really poignant melody, which you can hear both the soft instrumental used and vocals throughout the majority of the song. The sound is particularly influenced by alternative hip-hop with the rock and electronic influences which personally I really liked about it and it was defiantly moving in many ways. You can definitely tell that things have been toned down such as the rappers where the powerful vocals of the group shine strongly throughout the entire song. The only unfortunate thing I must say was the fact that I could not detect J-Hopes voice until I had scrolled down on the comments to see that he was the backing vocals for the chorus but he honestly did such a wonderful job of backing the vocals of Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung.   Overall, the sound was genuinely beautiful in its own way and once again highlights the different genres that BTS can indeed take with their music and was definitely emotional through the lyrics that had been written.

So what exactly is the story behind Spring Day?

As we all know BTS are widely known for their hidden narratives and themes that they have kept present for quite some time now. Theories date all the way back to the Hwa Yeon Hwa era or even possibly further back than that. But from what I have heard it has clear links to a book like called Those who walk away from Omelas. Now I’m not going to go all theory crazy on you all over here because I’m sure it will end up in a complete scatter! But I suggest that you take a look at this YouTube video that may really help clear some things up.[CLICK HERE]. I however, have a very strong feeling that I shall actually end up reading Those Who Walk Away From Omelas as I did with Demian by Hermann Hesse. One thing I have to say I love about BTS is there constant references to literature it has honestly encouraged me to look at more classics to read and after reading Demian I felt very enlightened there references to these mythological stories and taking their own spin on it is seriously a unique concept.  


The rapid growth of The Bangtan Boys and achievements of Spring Day

Spring Day and YNWA had proven to be popular within Korea and of course internationally.   Before they even had their comeback the group managed to break there own Album Sales record with ‘Wings’. On the day of the album release Spring Day went on to achieve an all-kill. The track respectively placed first on eight charts; Melon, Mnet, Monkey3, Bugs, Genie, olleh, Soribada, and Naver Music. In terms of music video views, BTS broke yet another record by becoming the fastest Kpop group to reach 10 million views, with ‘Spring Day’.

Finally and probably an achievement that clearly highlights the rapid international growth of BTS was that they entered U.S iTunes chart as well. This is rather important achievement because they have now become the first Kpop group to make it into the Top 10 of that chart where previously only PSY Gangnam Style had been the only one to do that. They also peaked into the UK iTunes chart with their album YNWA and then with Spring Day sitting at number 17. Being someone who lives in the UK I got quite giddy and happy seeing that they are breaking into the UK music market too.

So what’s next for BTS?

Well nothing stops there for BTS because in 3 days time they shall release the MV for Not Today which will surely climb up the charts again and they are also starting the Wings Tour which will be heading in all sorts of locations internationally! So I think ARMY fans have literally got quite a bit to look forward too for the coming months ahead!


So I shall be back soon with a review on the Not Today MV! But let me know down in the comments what you guys thought of this comeback.. Did you get emotional and a bit teary eyed just as I did?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who found this so cute! Also Park Jimin in pink hair!!!!




  1. I have sorted the blog post out…. I only just realized the when I was writing it I had not pasted the updated version in where I had changed things. I simply only used these posts as guidance when I was writing it but I think wordpress mixed up the two versions I wrote..? I hope this hasn’t caused any problems… Sorry about this definitely was not my intention to plagiarized any work that others have worked hard on…


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