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Reviewing Black Butler Season 1-4!

 I am back again and this time I am bringing you a review on one of my favourite anime and that of course is Black Butler…I have been interested in anime and manga for quite some time although I have only watched two anime so far…So I decided it was time to do a deeper review since I just finished all the seasons to Black Butler..So let’s get started!


So Season One we were actually introduced to our main characters of the story who are Ciel and Sebastian. Ciel is an orphan and he strikes up a deal with Sebastian who not only happens to be a butler but also a demon. The deal between the two was that Sebastian was to help Ciel achieve revenge on the person who murdered his parents and in return Sebastian gets to have his soul.. Sounds pretty dark huh? Now as weird as it may sound I actually fell in love with Sebastian’s character not only was he really good-looking but he made me laugh when he was teasing Ciel. I also found it interesting how from time to time he used to be so fascinated with human behaviour. Ciel is a fabulous character to because his past and back story was written stunningly and you can really see how his past has shaped who he has become. We also have supporting characters such as Meyrin, Bardroy, Finny and Tanaka who also work with Ciel (don’t worry these guys are human) Finally we have Grell and the undertaker who frequently appears in many of the episodes and are known as Grim Reapers who also collect souls but their job is purely doing good and they are just hilarious in general.. Grell immediately takes a liking to Sebastian and begins chasing him around and the things that she says just makes you giggle!

Bottom to Top – Ciel, Sebastian, Bardroy, Meyrin and Finny

During season one you follow Ciel and Sebastian’s adventures of stopping crime in London this is because Ciel is known as the Queens Guard Dog and his butler Sebastian also assists Ciel in these mysterious crime cases. Whilst preventing crime in London we see Ciel meet many new people and tries to uncover who in fact murdered his parents during that fateful night. Season one was a very strong start for Black Butler the ending just left me in complete shock.


Season two we are introduced to more characters who I really just didn’t like and those were Alois and Claude.. I found Alois to be so bratty and rude and Claude was trying to steal Ciel away from Sebastian.. This was due to the fact Claude is a demon and he has deal with Alois which involved Ciel but Claude started to become obsessed with Ciels delicious soul because the darker the soul is for demons it is more tasty and so that meant Ciel was going to make as satisfying meal. We also have Alois other servant Hannah who is also a demon.. Although she may seem like a minor character she indeed has a huge role in this season. Anyway I can’t really tell you very much about this season without spoiling you but all I can say its got all these twists and turns and Ciel and Alois definitely cross over..The interactions between the characters are reaaaallllly good especially between Sebastian and Claude. The ending was simply a stunning ending to the season!


Okay now onto season three which is actually called 67207c5223e476778c0d200096c42e4eBook Of Circus.. Now we have more characters to introduce here but in this season all the characters from season 2 are not present. Just characters from season one and these new characters are in this season. So our new characters are Joker, Doll, Beast, Dagger,Snake and Doc plus all the characters from season one.. Now your probably thinking why are there so many characters in this anime but with Black Butler each season follows a new plot so it kind of makes sense to have these characters hopefully it will become more clearer when you watch it. Although we have all these characters they are all unique and different from each other which is a very hard to achieve so a huge praise to Yana Toboso for achieving this!

In this season Sebastian and Ciel are told that children are going missing whenever this Circus Noah’s Ark comes into town. So Sebastian and Ciel must go undercover into the circus and get to the bottom of why all these children are going missing. There was loads of mystery involved in this season and I have to say that this was my favourite season so far. The characters were so well-developed and the humour was on point and just makes you giggle. I personally loved learning about the circus people actually came to work in a circus. The ending was just amazing because throughout this season you get to see an entirely different side to Ciel and learn more about what he went through as a child and his parents…Whenever there was a flash back of Ciel’s dad Vincent my heart simply went out to him! Honestly Sebastian and Vincent look incredibly similar! The ending was very poignant and full of action.. Honestly when you think about it season three was actually very sad in many ways.


Okay last season which is known as Book of Murder.. Now this season was great in its own way too! Again lots of mystery involved in this season and it actually made me try to fit the puzzle pieces together for this mystery. This season is basically where Ciel hold a house party and one by one people are being murdered and it’s basically where we need to find out who is killing all these people at the party. There are quite a few plot twists in this season so perhaps you should brace yourself when you watch this..

Whew well that’s all for this review! So I really do recommend you guys check this anime because it’s a stunning anime which nicely balances humour with suspense. It definitely knows when to put in humour and where the dark side of the anime should make its presence felt…

Will you check out Black Butler or have you already watched it?



3 thoughts on “Reviewing Black Butler Season 1-4!”

      1. I just really liked the end of season 1 and season 2 just kind of undid it. The Books don’t cause the same problem because the stories take place before the end of season 1.
        I do agree that watching Sebastian tangle with another demon was probably the highlight of season 2.


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