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Clockwork Prince By Cassandra Clare

I finished Clockwork Prince at 12am in the morning and oh my gosh it was AMAZING! This book was literally on my mind all day and I can’t stop thinking about Will, Jem and Tessa and how I am torn about who I ship! So let’s jump into the non spoiler section!



So this book is just wow! So it continues straight after Clockwork Angel and drew me in almost instantly and I just kept reading and just couldn’t stop! So let’s start off with the positives: The characters in this book go through tons of development especially Will in particular and they are just so well written by Cassandra and each have unique attributes to them. The romance was just AMAZING…That’s all I can say about it… The love triangle in this book has got to be one of the best love triangles I have ever read! It was brilliantly written and it made me swoon but then tore my heart into two at the same time! The plot was just EPIC, it was fast paced and so mysterious and the revelations just made me gasp in shock! I highly praise Cassandra Clare because although there is a pretty big love triangle in this book it doesn’t form the whole basis of the book, you have an awesome plot that just sometimes draws you away from that love triangle so you are not overwhelmed with romance. I don’t think there were actually any negatives to this book as I’m pretty sure I loved everything about it!

So guys that is all I can say without spoiling you which I do not want to do obviously so if you have not read Clockwork Prince I advise that you don’t read on please!


Welcome to the spoiler section!

Clockwork Prince was a huge step up from Clockwork Angel and I had high expectations for the second book and boy it went over the top of what I had expected! This book had everything I loved action, mystery and romance which sent my mind spinning, my pulse rapidly quickening and butterflies straight to my stomach!

The characters are obviously the most important part to the novel to me so let’s start with them! Cassandra Clare has created amazing characters that I have instantly fallen in love with, they are each so unique and filled with so much depth! I feel as each character had such a wonderfully written back-story too and went through an amazing amount of development (specifically Will).

After reading Clockwork Angel I had felt very detached from Will and in this book I got exactly what I wanted which was to find out why Will is the way he is and it broke my heart when I found out! Will has this curse that was put on him as a 12-year-old boy after he open a box of Pyxis which contained a demon and he was cursed that anyone who had shown him affection/love will die! This was why he had to constantly keep people at arm’s length and that he has this mask on his personality and when he found that his curse was not even real, I actually felt like I had been punched in the stomach, but it allows Will to take of his masked personality and reveal his true self and he is actually and very sweet and kind man. Will again had some awesome comical moments which I absolutely adored! Gimmie more Will in the next book too please!

We get to see a lot more of Jem in this book and I love his character so much! He is such a kind sweet gentleman and we definitely get to see more about how Jem feels about himself underneath his calm personality. Oh and my heart faltered every time Jem would cough or when he would say such stupid things about his illness which honestly made me burst into tears! I really do hope that Jem does not die somehow but my gut feeling is telling me that he might but I don’t want to believe it! Jem and Will’s relationship became strained towards the end all because of the damn love triangle! Gimme more Jem too in the next book please!

Tessa has such a struggle in this book between romance (obviously) but also finding out who she is the question about whether she is a downworlder or something else entirely… I love Tessa’s smart brains especially in that particular bit when she changed into her brother Nate and ordered the clockwork thing to seize her brother at that time I was thinking “You smart and witty girl”. There is only one thing that particularly frustrated me about Tessa was how dumb she was when it came to men… I mean one night she would be kissing Jem unable to stop herself, the next night she would be with Will on the balcony having a such a steamy moment..!

The romance in this book was just done to the point where my heart was pounding so hard against my chest! So people may not be fans of love triangles and I don’t really mind them but this love triangle was written so well! I could not decide between the ships! When I was reading this my mind and heart was torn and was like “I ship Jessa… NO! I ship Wessa”At some points I was squealing when Jem spoke Mandarin to Tessa and when he asked her to marry him that things he said would make my heart clench. But then you have Will who has this horrible curse which he finds out isn’t real and he has this amazing balcony moment with Tessa and he has so much is common with her. I felt like bursting into tears when he found out Jem and Tessa were getting married and when he was the first to congratulate them it was so hard to read!

So you’re probably wondering who I perhaps ship… Hmm well… As much as I would love Jem and Tessa to live happily ever after as he is such a sweet and kind gentleman and I can’t help but think that Will and Tessa will somehow end up together as Tessa always says friendship to Jem. I just feel as if Will and Tessa have something special between them. BUT I DON’T WANT TO SEE WILL AND JEM TO BE TEARING SHREDS OUT OF EACHOTHER BECAUSE THEY BOTH FIND OUT THE EACH LOVE TESSA! That would break my heart!

Enough of the romance now and onto the plot which I again enjoyed Cassandra Clare just keeps you guessing the answers to these mysteries and leaves so many shocking revelations as well as the plot being fast paced awesome!

Just one last thing I have to talk about which was the dang ending which left me in so much shock! I was honestly not expecting it at all! I love how Cassandra Clare leaves her books on a huge cliff hanger which just left me yearning for more!

So it’s an overall 5 out of 5 stars for me again for Cassandra and her EPIC sequel to the Infernal Devices! I loved this book and have completely fallen in love with the Shadowhunter world and Cassandra Clare’s writing!

Have you read Clockwork Prince? Did the plot twists send your mind wild?



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