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The Assassins Blade By Sarah J Maas

The Assassins Blade is a novella bind up taking place before the events of Thrrone Of Glass. I highly recommend you try to read this before Queen Of Shadows as there are many characters and key events that are important.



This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster! So for those who have not read the book here is a non spoiler review just for you! So book consists of 5 novella’s and to me it didn’t even feel like I was reading a book with 5 novella’s instead it felt like I was reading a full-fledged book..The book flowed really well together and there was only a short time span between each novella. You defiantly learn more about Celaena’s past in this book and her relationship with Sam and what her time at The Assassins Guild was like for her…As you guys know I have read TOG, COM AND HOF and I can really see how this novella binder links in with the rest of the story! So that’s the no spoiler review for you guys so unless you have read the book you may proceed to the spoiler section down below.. I REPEAT THERE IS A SPOILER DISCUSSION DOWN BELOW PEOPLE!


So you guys read the book! But my question to you is did you read it before Throne Of Glass or after because I’ve read it after Heir Of Fire before I moved onto Queen Of Shadows.. So let me know down below in the comments when you read TAB. So let’s get started!


So the first novella to this book was amazing and it was one of my favourites..This novella13419885 was a fantastic introduction to the book! So Celaena has been summoned by Arobynn and she learns that her mentor Ben has died and she was quite close to him and she is quite annoyed at the fact Sam did not retrieve Ben’s body! Sam and Celaena are not the best of friends in this book are they guys.. They are actually clash as Celaena is Arobynn’s protegé and Sam well he is second best! So Sam and Celaena are sent on a mission to retrieve some slaves from Captain Rolfe. When they both first meet Rolf Celaena has so much sass guys! Then when she says that they will only need one room I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact she then quickly said one room two beds! I find Rolfe character really creepy to be honest like he is obsessed with seeing Celaena’s face! So as we know its Celaena’s and Sam’s job to retrieve the slaves for Arobynn but that doesn’t sit well with Celaena and she instead plans to free them.. when Celaena goes to see the slaves she is mortified and Sam had a lot of anger! Then Celaena just walks off an Sam tries to stop her and they get into a small fight and Sam begs her to stop being so angry whilst holding her down! I loved this moment as we get to see Celaena’s reaction to seeing all those slaves and Sam was the only one who stops her from going crazy about it!

So Sam also gets involved with freeing the slaves and they try to distract Rolfe and get him drunk and when Sam “slipped a hand around her waist his touch, somehow sending a bright hot flame through her, she had to wonder if he was still pretending too” But we obviously know that he wasn’t pretending guys! The plan that Celaena and Sam planned backfires and Rolfe ends up catching them and Celaena fights him.. I loved seeing the assassin side to Celaena it was awesome guys! Anyway she ends up killing Rolfe and they manage to save the slaves but then there was that moment that Sam could have been dead but I knew he wasn’t Celaena find him and hugs him (aww) and then she says “If you tell anyone about me embracing you,I’ll gut you” This was one of my favourite quotes from The Assassin and The Pirate Lord!


So the second novella was actually quite short and we 25978565follow a barmaid called Irene and we learn that Celaena has had a beating from Arobynn after losing him and the Guild quite a bit of money by freeing the slaves (ugh I HATE AROBYNN) So we know that Irene is a healer and she somehow started working at the Innish as a barmaid.. Irene then gets caught in the alley by some men and Celaena comes and saves the day and she basically kicks butt! Irene clears Celaena’s wounds from the fight and Celaena decides to teach Irene some self-defense lessons and Irene puts them to use when some more men come back! It was really interesting to see the teaching and even caring side to Celaena as she helped Irene! Celaena also let some money for Irene and her ruby broach that Arobynn had given her.. This allows Irene to finally leave her job as a bar maid and pursue her job as a healer. My favourite quote from this novella was “What would be the point in saving you then?” This novella was actually not bad as I loved seeing Celaena teach Irene but also loved seeing that sense of mystery that Celaena gives off.


So Celaena is making her way to the Red Desert to the Silent Assassins to be trained by the13419891 Mute Master who by the way I have so much respect for during this novella! I love how the Mute Master gives Celaena a test as soon as he meets her and she as to fight through some of the Silent Assassins that was awesome. Celaena has to share a room which this girl named Ansel who becomes Celaena’s friend.. Throughout this novella you defiantly see Celaena’s thoughts shift to Sam quite a bit and her feelings even grow for him. We learn in Celaena’s dream that Celaena was beaten by Arobynn and that Sam was held down by 3 assassins and had to watch Celaena get beaten whilst shouting “I’ll kill you” to Arobynn I hated reading that section as it was so tense and quite brutal..So when Celaena starts training we see that she has to start from bottom and work her way to top which is quite unusual because we normally always see Celaena at the stop and that she is the best! Ansel and Celaena also go to see Lord Berick and pass on a message from the Mute Master and they both end up stealing Astreion Horses from him (she also retells story this is COM and leaves Chaol and Dorian with their mouths open)

I loved seeing Celaena put make up on Ansel and just seeing that girly side of her which we don’t normally see it was also really nice to see her form a friendship with Ansel! At the festival Celaena dances with Ilias and when she leaves with him he was going to kiss her but I’m so glad that they didn’t!!! “It was the memory of Sam’s face that stopped her from kissing him” So her feelings are getting stronger for same and are changing from hate to love!!! I could not believe what Ansel was up to guys she made Celaena leave and was going to kill the Mute Master! The fight between her and Ansel was so freaking tense! I love the way she says to Ansel “You want to know what the Master taught me in all those lessons?” “This” Then she slams into Ansel and holds the sword to her neck! But I was quite surprised that Celaena let Ansel go I thought she would kill her.. Celaena goes to the Mute Master who then TALKS to her I had the same reaction as Celaena when he spoke! He gave Celaena her letter and also loads of gold to pay of her debt to Arobynn!! I have 2 favourite quotes from this novella and they are from the Mute Master “When you give this to your Master hold your head up high” and “Tell him that in the  Red Desert we do not abuse our disciples” Guys I freaking love the Mute Master! This novella was really good too I wonder is that is the last we have seen of Ansel..?


Okay this novella wasn’t my favourite in terms of plot but Sam and Celaena moments took me on an emotional rollercoaster guys! So Celaena is back in Rifthold and is ready to be free from Arobynn and clear her debt.. But then Arobynn says sorry to her..

Then he starts giving her loads of gifts..I was really confused I didn’t know whether he was actually sorry or was he just trying to keep her from leaving? Anyway then she leaves and on her way she see’s Sam I was thinking what is she going to say are they going to get together???? And he is desperate to know what happened at the Red Desert but Lysandra interrupts them I really hated her If I was Celaena I probably would have punched her without hesitation! So Celaena is showered with more gifts from Arobynn as she gets a specially made suit but Arobynn was going to force Sam to pay for his.. Celaena and Sam have are argument and we find out that he that told Arobynn that he would forgive him only if he didn’t lay a hand on Celaena again.. Sam really really cares about Celaena!

So Celaena has accepted her mission that Arobynn gave she needs to get some documents and kill Doneval. Celaena, Sam, Lysandra and Arobynn all go to the theater in order to spy on Doneval but that moment where Celaena says “you look handsome” and then Sam says to her “you look beautiful. Though I bet you already know that” and Celaena smiles!! That moment was so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Then Celaena asks Sam to help her and they both admit the missed each other during the summer. Celaena gets drunk at the party and Sam gets jealous and steps between a the stranger who was about to dance with her… When Celaena goes to Dorneval she gets caught and thrown into the river and Sam saves her just in time (thank god) Celaena finally gave her gold to Arobynn who was really peaceful about it but he was upset to as he didn’t want the day to come where she would leave..

And whilst her and Sam are spying on Doneval Sam admits he loves Celaena and I quote “I love you he repeated shaking her. I have for years and he hurt you because he always knew how I felt too. But if I asked you to pick you’d choose Arobynn and I. Can’t.Take.It” Then Celaena says “You’re a damned idiot..You’re a moron and an ass and a damned idiot.. Because I’d pick you” And she kissed him THE BEST MOMENT IN THIS BOOK EVER!!! So back to the plot Celaena manages to kill Doneval (obviously)  but only manages to retreive one of the documents which is a pain because so much prep went into the mission that it didn’t actually have the outcome we expected. And AROBYNN TRICKED HER AND THAT MADE ME HATE HIM EVEN MORE! I’m glad Celaena and Sam both paid the debt and were able to get away from that evil man! Then Sam and Celaena move their stuff to their apartment and Sam says the sweetest thing ever to Celaena that nearly made me cry “ I love you…And from today onward, I want to never be separated from you.Wherever you go,I go. Even if that means going to Hell itself, wherever you are,thats where I want to be. Forever” (AWW) So overall this novella was great in terms of Sam and Celaena moments but I didn’t really enjoy the plot as much..We end this novella with Sam and Celaena finally free from Arobynn and Sam and Celaena are finally together!


So guys the last novella in this book broke my heart… I knew that Sam was going to die as I have read TOG COM and HOF . So I was really trying to keep my guard up and not get attached to Sam and his relationship with Celaena…BUT IT DIDN’T WORK!!! I was still so heart-broken when Sam died!

So the novella starts with Celaena in a wagon heading somewhere but she isn’t how she was at the first novella.. she is has suffered a lot of emotional pain.. So we then move on chapter two where we see what happened 11 days ealier.So Celaena is at the theater and she see’s that Arobynn has already replaced her seat with someone and that was Lysandra (UGH) Celaena now lives in her apartment with Sam and when she goes back to the apartment she finds that Sam isn’t there but he left a note for Celaena saying that he has gone out but Celaena knew exactly where he went and she isn’t happy about it. So Sam had gone to The Vault where he was fighting with another man but Celaena isn’t happy and she was worried about Sam as people die in the Vaults but he only went to the Vault to get money for him and Celaena.. This chapter really allowed me to see how much Sam and Celaena’s relationship has grown and that they both care about each other a lot   and worry about each other. So Celaena and Sam decide that they both want to leave Rifthold but before anything they need to get Arobynn to allow them to leave the Guild completely, so they don’t have to keep looking over their shoulders.

So Sam and Celaena go to the Guild to ask Arobynn if they can leave and he says yes then Celaena names a sum to Arobynn so they can leave the Guild and Sam is not happy about it…The meeting with Arobynn was definitely very tense because I really didn’t know if Sam was going to kill Arobynn!!! So Sam find a client and they are willing to pay a lot of money if they kill Farran and Jayne but these two people are very dangerous and lethal! And OMG guys Sam and Celaena almost get really intimate but they didn’t get really far.. All I kept saying was he is going to die soon and kept repeating it in my head!!!! One of my favourite quotes here was ” Maybe he was right. And spending all the time in the world with Sam..That was a treasure worth paying anything for” I think that the beginning of this novella you really see how Sam and Celaena’s love grows and how much they become like a normal couple who do have arguments but always overcomes them.

So let’s get onto Sam’s death which was the most heart breaking movement of this novella and the one I was dreading! So9636275990603989a6d0fa2b58f6d54e Sam had gone to kill Farran and Celaena began to get really worried as he was taking ages to come back home she went backwards and forwards from the apartment and the city and she just kept hoping that Sam would be home until Arobynn came and I knew that Sam was dead! (cue crying) And when Celaena goes to see his body that was the most emotional moment ever.. Farran had tortured Sam and it was horrible to read that description of Sam’s body! And then Celaena lies next to his dead body and I quote from the book “Celaena closed her eyes. She wouldn’t leave him. She wouldn’t leave him” I was defiantly crying at this point whilst still trying to find the will to read on to the end of the book without bawling my eyes out! So Celaena then goes to kill Farran but she only manages to kill Janye and she then gets taken in a wagon to the glass castle dungeon where the king sentence her to Endovier as a slave! And we find out that Arobynn had set her up again and he also set Sam up to die (right) and his reason was and I quote “I don’t like to share my belongings” So I have two interpretations: 1) He killed Sam because he didn’t want to share Celaena with him 2) He didn’t want to share the Guild with Celaena…Let me know what you think down below in the comments why you think Arobynn left Celaena and killed Sam!!

We end the novella with Celaena about to enter Endovier whilst saying 9cc240c7e5f94f4a649fc1ea4e4873f5“My name is Celaena Sardothein and I will not be afraid” And if you have read Throne of Glass you know what happens next….

So a few questions that I have about this book:

  1. Why did Arobynn leave Celaena and kill Sam.. What is the hiddden meaning to what he said?
  2. Will Ansel come back in future books?
  3. Will Yrene and Celaena meet again?
  4. And finally is Sam really dead?

Did you guys enjoy reading TAB as much as I did? Did you enjoy delving deeper and further into Celaena’s past?



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