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Queen Of Shadows By Sarah J Maas

Queen Of Shadows! Definitely one of those books that blew my mind! Major plot twists and fabulous character development. This was when I started to realise that Sarah J Maas was truly becoming my favourite author!



So onwards to the non spoiler review for those who haven’t read the book.. So this book is the 4th book to the Throne of Glass series and it made me laugh, cry and swoon. This book is absolutely amazing and is by far the best book in the series for me! There is so much character growth and so many tense moments throughout the book which might have you screaming or needing to put the book down and comprehend what the hell you just read! Romance in this book is defiantly bigger and better (Seriously I was swooning so much throughout this book) And there are mind blowing plot twists and an spectacular ending which left me thinking “okay what on earth will happen next” So I need the 5th book and you need to read the book ASAP! Seriously guys this book is spectacular!

So that’s pretty much all I can say without giving away spoilers.. So if you haven’t read the book what are you still doing here please go and read it!


slide13-pptxSo let’s start off by talking about the main character and bad-ass asassain actually its Queen now. So Maas changes the point of view from Celaeana which makes sense since she has accepted are true identity and lineage now. Of course Celeana will always be part of Aelin but seriously guys we all know that Aelin is one million times better especially with her magic now! So just so you know I will now be calling Celaena Aelin because that is her true name guys! So Aelin goes through a hell of a lot of character growth and development in this book you really see her change and develop into this amazing mature Queen and lets remember guys she is only 19! You also see Aelin go through so many emotions throughout this book and you also see that she is ready to move on from Sam this clearly seen when she offers Rowan one of Sam’s shirt and when she visits his grave (Yes I was bawling my eyes out during this part of the book and Rowan made me cry even more when he set a pebble on his grave too!) BUT Aelin will always remember Sam and he will never leave her as she will always miss him and will always wonder how things may of turned out if he was still alive..


Okay next let’s talk about Choal and what the hell happened to him? I mean this in a good way guys. He is now finally against the King and with the rebels which I was extremely happy about! But what I was not happy about with was that Chaol and Aelin were at each other’s throats most of the time! So I was a huge huge Choalena from the very beginning and I loved them together in COM but then Rowan came along in HOF and well Chaol was super frustrating in Heir of Fire. So in this book I was left wondering whether Choal and Aelin would get back together or would she be with Rowan.. And well Maas basically sunk the Choal ship because they couldn’t stop arguing and I was like can’t you be friend’s guys seriously! I’ not really sure how I felt about Choal and Nersyn but I just want Chaol to be happy of course.. I love Choal’s devotion to Dorian and saving him but hated that Aelin and Choal couldn’t communicate like normal people so there was not a lot of trust between them…


Next up is Dorian and oh boy..His chapters hurt! Even though they were so short they had so many feelings in them and had such a huge impact on me! It was not pretty at all what was happening to Dorian, he began forgetting people, his name and everything that happened because of that stupid collar and Valg! I honestly had a really bad feeling at the begging of this book that Dorian was going to die.. I didn’t like Dorian at the beginning of the series but he character really developed in HOF and made me respect him more so I’m super glad I was proved wrong about Dorian dying because that would of killed me!

Okay next its Aedion and OMG I loved Aedion in the book 1ox more than I did in HOF. I seriously loved the moment when Aelin saved him from his death but before that It was sad to see that he had given up on hope and wanted to die! I was so overwhelmed by the Aedion and Aelin reunion it was so damn perfect! I loved it even more how territorial Aedion was about Aelin and how he never wanted to leave her again! And Gavriel is Aedion’s father I seriously did not see that coming guys.. I really didn’t! But Garvriel is blood sworn to Maeve so what does that mean for Aedion? Will Maeve perhaps try and take Aedion away from Aelin because Lorcan knows now? Will there be a war between Maeve and Aelin for Aedion? I love that Aelin has a brotherly/sibling relationship with Aedion it’s nice to see that between them.


Okay so a new character well old character really was re-introduced and that was Lysandra.. I freaking hated her in TAB she was so annoying.. BUT I FREAKING LOVED HER IN THIS BOOK! I’m so happy she’s part of Aelins court and that Aelin has a female friend because lets be honest she’s got a lot of guys in her life right now.. Plus Lysandra is a shape shifter which is awesome I mean I did not see that coming! I was however, really worried that she was somehow going to betray Aelin but I’m so glad she didn’t because she is such an interesting character and I can’t wait to find out more about her.. I love the fact she brings a more relaxed side out of Aelin sometimes and that she teases Aelin! It was priceless when Lysandra vomited all over Lorcan haha!


Next up its Manon and the Witches.. I found their chapters so much more interesting in this book. Manon is an amazing character but she was frustrating at times during this book but she was in a tough spot some may say.. Manon is constantly questioning what the Crochan said in HOF and it really makes you wonder whether she will go over to Aelins side.. We learnt what happened to Asterin 80 years ago and that was why she hated the decisions Manon was a making! Seriously Manon’s grandmother has gotta go! THE MANON AND AELIN FIGHT SCENE GUYS WAS FREAKING EPIC! I was so tense and could not believe what I was reading! I wasn’t surprised that Aelin went back for Manon.. So I thoroughly enjoyed the Manon chapters in QOS.


So let’s move away from characters and talk about Arobynn and his death! Okay so I have read TAB and I absolutely hate Arobynn Hammel, he is so obsessed with Aelin! He is evil, clever minded and super manipulative. Even though he was kind of a father figure to Aelin and she felt hollowness when he had died which is understandable.. Arrobynn is such a well thought out villain and Maas managed to make me hate his guts and want him dead and I give a high praise to Maas for that! Okay can we just talk about how Arrobynn tried to enslave Aelin when he slipped that ring on her finger I gasped out loud and was saying no no no in front of my family (It was embarrassing but I didn’t care I was so freaking worried) Then when he put his own blood on Aelin’s lips a shudder went down my spine..THANK GOD AELIN WAS ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD OF AROBYNN BUT PLEASE DON’T DO THAT AGAIN MAAS.. I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTACK READING THAT! Then came Arobynn’s death which was freaking tense as hell I honestly thought he was going to wake up and kill Lysandra! We end part one with Aelin being Celaena for one last time and we see her behead Arobynn and take all his money!!! SIMPLY EPIC EPIC EPIC!


So let’s talk about the romance in this book which was just perfection I have so many ships! But let’s talk about my top OTP which is ROWAN AND AELIN. God these two are perfect for each other and they both deserve each other after everything they have been through and they are both climbing out of the darkness together!!! Some criticize their relationship for being rushed and that it came out of nowhere.. Well to me it didn’t in HOF Maas gave subtle hints of intimacy between Rowan and Aelin and I just knew they would become a couple. Also Aelin and Rowan are Carranam which means Soul mate in Latin so this could mean that they are meant to be together and this could be Aelin’s final/permanent love interest! (PLEASE LET IT BE) I was so happy when Rowan came back in QOS as I was missing him and Aelin and Rowans reunion was so cute! And Rowan and Aelin’s first kiss was so damn perfect! But I am a little bit upset about the fact that Aelin is mortal so she will grow old whilst Rowan stays young as he is immortal he will have to watch her die which will be so freaking upsetting! So I somehow hope Aelin becomes immortal or she is immortal somehow! But then if she dies she will be reunited with Sam in the Afterworld.. But I’d rather have her as immortal. I loved all Rowaelin moments in this book from the hair washes, nightgowns and the silent conversations they had it was perfect!

Maas also hinted at potential relationships between Lysandra and Aedion which would be amazing, I definitely feel like that could work so I’m on board that ship. Maas also hinted at a possible relationship between Manon and Dorain which is a bit weird but I’m also somehow on board with that ship too because Manon seemed to trigger Dorian out of the Valg’s control..Hmm Sarah what are you up to??


Now lets talk about the DRAMATIC, CLIMATIC, EPIC AND SPECTACULAR ENDING TO THE BOOK! MY ONLY WORD FOR THIS AFTER I READ IT WAS WOW WOW WOW! It was mind blowing, emotional and epic! A glorious tense ending to this fabulous book! When Dorian and Aelin escaped and combined their powers and defeated the Valg prince was AMAZING! I was so worried that he wasn’t going to come back! But then Choal had sacrificed himself for Dorian and Aelin and Maas let us believe he was dead!


I read this quote at school and was so close to crying at this point! Then Rowan and Aedion were in a life threatening situation I was like who is going to survive this???? Then we found out the King isn’t the Valg King and he was a puppet for Perrington..WHAT THE WHAT! Then Dorian kills the King YES! Then Chaol is left paralysed..NOO! And Dorian destroyed the Glass Castle.. SO MANY MIND BLOWING SCENCE’S!!!!! The ending to this was so emotional and bittersweet! Rowan and Aelin decide they don’t want to part from each other, an awesome friendship forms between Chaol, Dorian and Aelin that was the best moment ever.. It was like I was taken back to the 1st book!


We then end with Aelin arriving home to Terrasen which was such an emotional moment.. Yes the book was ending but she was finally home!


To sum up if I haven’t made it obvious I loved this book and this series is officially my favourite series now!!! I loved this book from the romance to the epic fight scenes and plot twists. This book was absolutely epic. I’m most likely going to read this book again but first I am going to read ACOTAR By Sarah J Maas.. So the wait is on for September 2016 for the 5th book to the TOG series..!

So I’m going to shut up after 2000 words of decribing the awesomness QOS! It’s time for you to discuss down below in the comment section.



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