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Onto the third book in the Throne Of Glass Series Heir Of Fire.. Gosh I can’t believe I read this a year ago now… Time flies by waay to fast! Also this post was super super long so beware of my ultimate fangirling here..!



This book series just keeps getting better and better and recommend this series to all book lovers of high fantasy! So onwards onto the non spoiler review! The book picks up from where we left of in Crown Of Midnight and to be honest the beginning was a bit slow or me and it did take me a while to get into the book but once I did it was amazing! The characters in this book have huge developments especially Dorian and Celaena and you really see there characters change and expand! Also in this book you will find that a lot of questions that you may have about magic are actually answered… The ending of this book is just as good as the ending in Crown Of Midnight!

Now obviously I have to also do a spoiler review and discussion for the book lovers who have read Heir Of Fire and there is just so much to talk about!

So if you HAVEN’T read the amazing Heir Of Fire then DON’T read on as the SPOILER ZONE will be underneath this!! Now go read Heir Of Fire and then come back and join the discussion!



This was me at the start of the book…


This is me at the end….


So where do I start? So as you know this book had 3 plot line.. The Andarlan plot line with Choal, Aedion and Dorian then we had Manon and Abraxos plot and of course Celaena’s plot line witb Rowan!

So lets start off with Manon and Abraxos.. Now at the beginning of the novel I was really not enjoying this point of view in fact I found it rather boring and was so tempted to skim read all those chapters but I’m so glad I didn’t because it turned out to be so interesting! Now the witches had been instructed by the King Of Andarlan to learn how to ride Wyverns (which are basically dragons right?) and the reason they are working with the King is so they can reclaim their territory. Now we know that Manon insists that she doesn’t have a heart but when she meets Abraxos we see that she cares for him in a lovely way and she is very very protective of him! Manon eventually becomes wing leader after winning the war games and a gift from her grandmother is a new cape but is much kill a Crochan witch who gives a long speech and says“They have made you into monsters. Made, Manon.And we feel sorry for you. After this Manon really thinks about what the witch had said and left me wondering will she go onto Celaena/Aelins side and fight against the King instead? I really hope she does because Manon and Celaena would be EPIC together! My top quote from Manon was “You touch him again Manon said, and I’ll drink marrow from your bones” This quote gave me chills!

Next lets talk about the Andarlan side which is Chaol, Dorian and Aedion! So Aedion is the new character we meet and is actually Aelins cousin and protector! When we first meet Aedion I hated him! He was betraying his own country and betraying Aelin by serving the King but we found that he was actually working with the rebels! He and Chaol form this weird friendship in order to gain information from each other and I thought they made a good team! I felt so emotional when Aedion went to meet Chaol in Celaena’s old apartment she had brought because it had been the first time he had seen anything of his cousin! I can also see traits of Aelin/Celaena in him when some men come to kill Ren ” The general drew his fighting knives an purred None of you are leaving this alley alive” and he basically kicks butt! My favourite quote by Aedion was “when she came back he was never letting her,

Next lets talk about Chaol.. He really frustrated me in this book as he just couldn’t pick a damn side! He wants to help Dorian and he wants to help Celaena but why didn’t he just help both because they both want to stop the King.. But even though he did frustrate me I still really like his character! I was an emotional wreck whenever Chaol though about Celaena because he still had deep feelings for her one of the quotes that really made me upset was “Celaena would always pick him Aelin would not” (cue crying) and all he wanted was for her to be safe and happy! But I was so so happy when Chaol finally took a stand to the King even thought it was the worst possible time and his side became clear!! I don’t have a top quote from Chaol as I felt his lines were rather depressing!

Finally lets talk about Dorian.. I really didn’t like Dorian at the begging of the series I found him quite annoying but in Heir Of Fire you really see him
develop into a mature King which made me respect him more as a character.. Dorian learns much more about his magic and learns how to control it a lot more in this book! He does have a love interest which is Sorcha and most people say that they hated this relationship and I’m sort of hanging is the middle because on one side I want Dorian to be happy but I just can’t picture him and Celaena together but on the other side his relationship with Sorcha was really rushed and happened really quickly! When Sorcha died at the end I wasn’t sad about her dying and was upset for Dorian and his reaction and he really loved her…

 I also felt really bad for Dorian as his relationship with Choal was falling apart due to all the secrets that had been kept between them! I could not believe that Dorian sacrificed himself to save Chaol the last words they shared were: “He looked at his friend, perhaps for the last time and said what he’d always known from the moment they met, when he understood the prince was his brother in soul. “I love you” -Choal “Dorian merely nodded, eyes still blazing and lifted his hands again toward his father. Brother.Friend.King” (Cue even more crying)

Then when the King put the collar around Dorians neck I was so shocked and speechless.. I literally thought my heart jump up my throat! AELIN YOU HAVE TO SAVE DORIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite quote from Dorian was ““You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love.”

Finally lets talk about the main plot line which involved the bad-ass assassin/queen Celaena/Aelin! So we meet Celaena from the very begging of the book and she is miserable after everything that has happened in Andarlan with Chaol, Doraian and the King! Until a mysterious man takes her to her aunt Maeve and she is told to master her powers before she can gain information about the wyrdkeys and she must gain Prince Rowans approval! So as we know from my previous post I really didn’t like Rowan at the beginning he was really brutal with Aelin! And they actually fight quite a lot! But Rowan gave Aelin
the kick up the ass she needed and he helped her re-build herself and made her 100x stronger than before! Aelin learns how to use her power of fire and overcomes her fear of her fae form! The first moment where I realized I liked Rowan was when he said “You don’t bite women of other males”because it showed that he respects the fact that Aelin belongs to Choal. Rowan and Aelins personalities are so similar which is probably the reason why they clash so much during this book but they have also suffered loss which kind of bonds them together! It was such a beautiful momment when he told Aelin about his mate and how she died and that is w is tattoo is about!hat

When Aelin steps out of the border and the Valgs are dragging her through her worst memories I found that so hard to read and we actually learn a lot more about Aelins past through these memories (baby Aelin and baby Dorian =too cute) Rowan so desperately wanted to jump in and save her but hell no Aelin incinerated them!!!! AND GUYS I could not believe that Rowan got whipped right in front of Aelin I actually cried reading that! But Aelin gets to keep Rowan as she bargains away a ring to Maeve for Rowans freedom but he TAKES BLOOD OATH TO AELIN TOO OMG!!!! THEN HE TATTOO’S AELINS SCARS ON HER BACK! Rowan really wanted to go with Aelin back to Andarlan but he couldn’t 😦 I wouldn’t mind Aelin and Rowan together romantically or as friends all I know that together they are awesome! My favourite Rowaelin quote is “I claim you” and  “To whatever end”

But I wonder if Rowan and Celaena are meant to be together romantically because the are Carranam which is derived from the Gaelic “mo anam cara” which translates to “soulmate.” So are they meant to be together??? And is Chaol really Aelins mate because Rowan said that you wouldn’t be able to physically hurt you mate but he also says it takes a while for a bond to snap into place.. But at the end the book it says “she had awoken this morning and slipped the amethyst ring off her finger it had felt like a blessed release” (cue bawling) so is she completly over Chaol? But she still wants to make sure he is safe and there are still things that they hadn’t said to each other? SARAH YOU ARE REALLY CONFUSING ME!


So what do I expect in the next book Queen Of Shadows.. I expect to see Aelin kicking butt and her developing as a Queen! I really hope that Dorian is saved too guys and guys we need a Aelin and Aedion reunion! I really do hope that this book doesn’t introduce yet another love interest because that would really annoy me! But the big question for me is who the hell is going to end up with Celaena/Aelin because Sarah I need to know!!!

What did you think of HOF? Was the beggining a tad slow for you too? Do you ship Rowan and Aelin together now?



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