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A Court Of Mist and Fury By Sarah J Maas

I admit it took me a little longer to finish this book because of *cough cough KPOP* but I managed to read this stunning book in no time!



So in this sequel we were introduced to many new characters that were just so awesome and in this sequel Sarah has certainly created a lot of badass female characters and so many strong relationships between the characters…

Feyre went through so much development in this book and well to me she felt like a completely different character… Throughout this sequel you can clearly see a huge change in Feyre after the events of ACOTAR… We learn so much about her and see her adjusting to her fae body and basically just become this kickass female protagonist… You see a hell of a lot of sassiness from her in this book and some of her lines made me laugh especially her interactions with Rhysand. Although she did frustrate me so much towards the end of the book I still like her character but perhaps not as much as I like Celaena from Throne Of Glass!

So I had such mixed feelings about this guy in ACOTAR but then ACOMAF came and I was definatly swooning for him and shipping him and Feyre so so much! Yes I am talking about Rhysand guys… You learn so much about him in this book and my heart simply went out to him… You learn so much about his time underneath the mountain and how much he is willing to do for his court and his people and he helps Feyre so much throughout this book… He such amazing ties and relationships with his inner circle which by the way I want to join! Rhysand you have won me over in this book!

Tamlin dude what happened to you in this book! I mean I loved you in ACOTAR but this book you just boggled me! Okay so guys Tamlin just really confused me in this book and I am honestly not even sure what to think about him anymore! I get that he wants to make sure Feyre didn’t get hurt again but he was too over protective and was pretty much trapping and suffocating Feyre and that’s what made Feyre push him away. Believe me guys he does some pretty stupid things that just left me saying ‘Tamlin why the hell did you just do that!’ Same thing goes with Lucien who just kept blindly obeying and following Tamlin when he knew what Tamlin was doing was wrong and could see how badly she was suffering… Honestly these two guys have changed so much since ACOTAR and I think Sarah highlighted these changes very clearly.


So those characters are pretty much the main ones but we also have Rhysand’s Inner Circle who were just so awesome and that included Mor, Cassian, Aziel and Ameren along with Rhysand and Feyre and honestly their interactions were so good! They were like one big family and some of the lines they had made me laugh so much they were each so individually. Then we also have Nesta and Elain who make an appearance and the villain Hybern… Honestly there are so many characters that you have to keep up with! The relationships between characters is definitely something and just be reminded that this book features more explicit sex scenes than ACOTAR but dude they were so steamy and I was shocked to get one only 5 chapters in! And guys honestly after reading ACOMAF I am a huge Feyrhys shipper cause that ship will sail people mad it will sail strong! I just love how both of them have so much respect for each other and see each other as equals.


The plot of this book was kind of confusing at times for me and well was quite slow at time but you could say that the romance made up for it and the interactions did… But I did enjoy the plot which did indeed have many twists and turns… I think Sarah also did a wonderful job at weaving in the events of ACOTAR into ACOMAF which just made everything so clear and easy to understand. Also Sarah’s back stories of the characters were absolutely stunning it was so interesting learn about what those characters had also been through in their past since they are immortal of course! Honestly I have always loved Sarah’s writing style since TOG and with each book she produces I can definitely see how much she has grown as an author. Her descriptions are beautiful and easy to follow cause after that description I so wanted to go back to Night Court everytime Feyre was brought back to Spring Court!


OH MY GOSH THE ENDING WAS BLOODY AWESOME! There were so many things I was not expecting to happen and gosh so much happened all at once and that last line Sarah left us with was pure gold I tell you!

So look forward to my next blog post which I don’t even know when it will be but I promise I’ll try so so hard to do more posts!




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