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So I’m kicking off the first review at Lilac Leaves with the epic fantasy book known as Throne of Glass which I read back in 2015.



This book is absolutely AMAZING! Sarah J. Mass took me into the world of fantasy and it was AWESOME! Whenever I read something shocking or something so tense I literally had to put the book down and take in what I had just read! I instantly fell in love with the female protagonist Celaena Sardothein she is such a brilliant character…Who has been through so much so far! I haven’t really picked up a fantasy book before but I’m very glad that I did so this time because it has made me think twice about the fantasy genre. It did take me a while to get into it due to my VERY VERY long reading slump but once I did I couldn’t stop reading. I also love how the book is structured into short chapters because it made me read on and on and on… as soon as I finished the 1st book I went straight on to the second one!

I was going to make this into a spoiler free blog but I can’t… I just need to share my favourite parts of the book with all you other beautiful book lovers here at the bookish corner!


So for those who have read Throne of Glass welcome… Wasn’t this book just incredible? It was always so hard for me to put the book down before I went to sleep… I could have read until dawn!

So lets talk about the characters… Celaena Sardothein is just WOW! Her personality is so strong throughout the book… She was in Endovier and was kept in the horrible and miserable salt mines which she will forever remember as she has 3 scars on her back! When she is given an opportunity to become the kings champion she takes it so she can be free!!! I love that the goal Celaena is working is for herself for her freedom…It was so sad to hear that she had lost her companion Sam.

The crown price AKA Dorian was a character I wasn’t so keen on.. I just felt that he didn’t understand what Celaena and been through during her time at Endovier and whenever he appeared in the book it was usually when Celaena was having some alone time. However Dorian and Celaena’s relationship was nice but I didn’t feel they had that strong connection between them.. Almost as if their relationship was forced rather than natural. However I admire Dorian for having so much belief in Celaena and the fact he made her feel so special after her time in Endovier was beautiful!

Last character that i have to talk about is Captain Westfall AKA Chaol Westfall! At the beginning of the novel he started off as this really serious Captain whose job was to guard and train Celaena…I immediately became curious of his character. But throughout the book we learn so much about him and he too has had a hard life like Celaena which bond them together. Chaol abdicated his crown and hasn’t seen his family in a very long time and worked incredibly hard to get to where is today. Rather than Dorian and Celaena together Chaol and Celaena should be together… He begins to fall for Celaena too right guys? This becomes clear when he leaves the Yulemas party early as Celeana and Dorian are dancing and when he is below Celaena’s balcony after Dorian kissed and she didn’t even bother to look down (broke my heart hearing that). I found it so sweet that Chaol was going to give Celaena his sword before her battle with Cain. I couldn’t believe that Chaol killed Cain too… I felt so bad for him after as he revealed that he had NEVER killed anyone before but I loved that he killed Cain to protect Celaena! Just when I thought there was no chance of Chaol and Celaena getting together (emotional times) Chaol finally visited Celaena they shared a bittersweet moment where they hugged tightly…

So this review isn’t exactly the best as it was indeed my first review I had ever done on my old blog but it brings back so many memories of writing it!

Have you guys read Throne Of Glass? What were your initial thoughts of the book?




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