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Hello Everyone and welcome to the bookish corner where we talk about all things about books of course. So as an introduction post to the bookish corner I thought why not share with you all the ways that reading has indeed changed me!

Number One: The need to talk about an amazing book I’ve read with everyone..

Yes, this has happened to meNumber1.png numerous times where I just won’t shut up about good a book was! This happened when I read the Divergent Series I was talking about it all the freaking time with everyone..One minute I’d be in a conversation talking about how school has been, the next I’m fangirling over how much I ship Fourtris and how perfect the book was! Trust me people wanted me to shut the hell up!

Number Two: Fangirling over book characters a hell of a lot! Yes I mean A LOT..

Okay, so I fangirl over book characters a lot! I mean I’ve just finished QOS and who wouldn’t fangirl over the characters in that book (specifically Rowan and Aedion.. gosh they are perfect!) I’ve also fangirled over relationships between book characters too which are beautiful to read! Whenever someone mentions my ship/OTP’s or my favourite characters I just fangirl all over the place!

Number Three: Relating every song I hear to a book I’ve read..

Yes this has happened recently with QOS.. Sarah J Maas has a pltumblr_mxyusxlzNx1qkxw76o1_500.gifaylist on Spotify for all her books and after I finished reading QOS I discovered it and god I was an emotional wreck..!! I was imagining all the moments from the book, from the funny ones, happy ones, sad ones and tense ones.. It was like a movie happening inside my head! Music and reading is a great combo for me even if it makes me bawl my eyes out.. Muisc enhances the reading expirence.

Number Four: The need to react to what I’ve just read…

So when I read a plot twist, something emotional or anything big in a book, I need to react to it! So I tend to read upstairs and alone so no one can basically see me reactions to what I’ve read because lets be honest it would be embarrasing if your suddenly broke into tears in front of everyone..So when I read upstairs in my room I can actually react to everything, I can gasp, cry or face palm myself without anomfg gify hesitation. But it’s not always like that..Once I was reading QOS downstairs and out loud said OMG and everyone looked at me (That was embarrassing for sure!) Sometimes I simply hold in my reaction especially when I read at school in my form class every Monday for 30 mins however, I know my facial expressions change a lot!

Number 5: Going on Amazon and just looking at books all the time

I’m constantly on Amazon just looking at books.. My TBR list gets longer ani-love-this-book.gifd longer every time I’m on Amazon even though I might decide in the future I don’t want to read that book! Honestly when my birthday comes around and people ask me what I want  I already have a long list of books I desperately need!

So guys that’s the top 5 ways reading has changed me! I hope you guys look forward to more reviews and discussion at the bookish corner!

So to end this post I would like to ask you all how has reading changed you? Leave a comment down below and lets see if we have any similarities!





  1. I’m reading this post and checking everything off in my brain. My favorite thing to do is walking into a book store or a library and mass scanning books with my Goodreads app. The book scanning feature is one of the best things in my life right now 😀

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