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Yes this is a very touchy subject amongst many VIP fans at the moment and following the release of there final album MADE along with three new songs: Last Dance, FXXK IT and Girlfriend…

But before we go into the major details let’s give all those new KPOP fans who her perhaps a bit confused about who BIGBANG is a short intro to them..


BIGBANG (Korean: 빅뱅) is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment.

Consisting of members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, the group bigbang_letsnotfallinlove_kpop2015_650officially debuted on August 19, 2006 meaning they have been around for 10 years which for any kpop group is a huge achievement. They originally debuted with a hip-hop sound as time has passed their music has become refined as now we often see them before ballads and fuse rap and pop together along with dance elements along with R’n’B too. They are often considered as the ‘Kings of K-POP’ due to the members’ involvement in composing and producing their own music, most notably G-Dragon, has earned the group respect and praise from the music industry. They are probably the most known KPOP group and have had much international success over the past few years with an international audience.


After a three-year hiatus, BIGBANG made their comeback by releasing special “project singles” for their album Made: “M,” “A,” “D and “E. in 2015. Each letter of the album included different songs and many of them were made successfully into music videos. The MADE album was incredibly popular and not just in South Korea but internationally too 98eedce291e58a42e8e2423e19b3d30034423b44_hqBIGBANG hit the Billboard chart multiple times and the music videos were proven to be incredibly popular by the amount of views received! In other words you could say after a 3 year hiatus this comeback and album was anticipated by many even if you were not a VIP because lets be honest we all have that one BIGBANG song that gets us singing and dancing along. So with T.O.P’s enlistment looming ahead it was decided that Bigbang would put all the sections of the MADE album together along with three exclusive songs added along with two music videos.


So FXXK IT is BIGBANG’s usual upbeat party song which aims to get everyone singing along and dancing but it differs from there other song Bigbang which has a much more dance/hip hop style. Now I did watch the teaser for this MV and I really didn’t know what to expect from it all I knew that BIGBANG would be saying F*** IT.  This music video was very colourful and I believe it is supposed to be set in the 90’s. We see all the members of BIGBANG goofing around and doing ‘boy’ stuff in there room (for those who have watch the MV I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about here). In the end of the MV they went to club to party BIGBANG style.. In other words I believe that this MV is really aiming to show BIGBANG’s youthful but also grown up side and take the VIP’s back to the very beginning of there journey but it also shows that strong and crazy friendship bond that BIGBANG have between them.  In terms of the music it takes a bouncy electro hip-hop which is actually a new genre to me because I don’t think I’ve heard anything like it before but this song most definatly has international appeal because of the opening to the song features English which is sung beautifully by Taeyang.. Proving the great international success is shown by how well its doing in the U.S ITunes chart! BIGBANG did not disappoint at all with this MV and new track featured on there made album.


Now we get to an emotional music video and song which was done so stunningly by BIGBANG and of course the people who came up with he MV concept which I really admired. Last Dance is your ballad song by BIGBANG which will either make you cry or even just pull a little heartstring. This song features all yes and I mean all members singing so beautifully to their fans almost like the entire song is love letter to all the VIP’s out there as we know that it could be a while until we see BIGBANG come together again. The song features lyrics such as ‘As I sing this song I will go back to you’ showing that although they are leaving they will be back this is proven by T.O.P singing ‘Then I’ll promise you It won’t take too long’ as again we all know he will be the first member heading off to enlistment.. A clear message that is displayed is that this song is that it most definatly for VIP’s.

In terms of the actual music video I really enjoyed it and felt it really linked in with the lyrics so well so mini applause to whoever came up with the concept! There is a girl that GD hugs and is with in the MV and this girl to me symbolizes VIP’s but one sad aspect of the MV was that everyone was separated. T.O.P scenes were the most heart wrenching scenes of the MV because let’s be honest this MV has a huge link to his enlistment too and so everytime he came onto screen I was trying to hold my tears in… However, the end of the MV I can assure you I was crying just because you can see T.O.P watching GD and that girl (VIP’s) from the distance and he smiles with tears brimming his eyes with his hands folded and raised above his face. That one scene displayed so much emotion and was incredibly moving. My depiction of this scene was that T.O.P was perhaps saying thank you to VIP’s for being with them all the way but also that VIP’s won’t be alone when he is gone they will still have other members and knowing that it’s comforting to him. However, he is still sad he has to leave even if its only for two years.. Overall a bloody stunning MV and musically moving although I loved the idea of the camera rotating it could have been done more subtly because I was tilting my head multiple times but I suppose this rotated camera is something that makes the MV creatively different from others.


No one knows.. Some people think that because the song is called Last Dance it could possible mean this is our last dance/last time seeing BIGBANG. Although it has been said that other members will continue with there activities who’s knows what could happen along the line especially with YG being so unpredictable * cough cough 2NE1* and military experience of each member will take a long time, But I’d like to keep a positive and open mind to BIGBANG because although I’m not VIP I have a lot of respect for BIGBANG as a group and the music so I would like to say this isn’t the end but only the future will tell. But one thing is that music lasts forvever and BIGBANG left some pretty great tracks behind that I’m sure won’t be forgottern.

What is your opinion on this discussion of BIGBANG coming to an end?

Amazing group that has produce amazing music together




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