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Hello Music Lovers!  This blog is coming to you all three days late.. I was originally supposed to post this on Tuesday but I fell ill with the cold and couldn’t bring myself to get onto the laptop and blog as my strict orders from family and friends were to rest up and recover… But the good news is that I’m feeling much better now hence the reason  I was able to finally post this today.


BLACKPINK (Hangul: 블랙핑크)is  South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. They officially debuted on August 8, 2016 with the single album Square One. They recently cameback with their album Square Two consisting of two brand new songs: Playing with Fire and Stay which are also music videos too. They also added a acoustic version of their previous debut song Whistle.


So how did I find out about their next comeback?  YG Entertainment teases or hints at a new artist comeback often through a poster saying WHO’S NEXT? Then a few days after there were alot of hints and rumours that it would in fact be BLACKPINK and this was then confirmed through YG. Trust me guys YG really likes to tease there fans to make then guess the next artist/group to comeback and leave you full of anticipation..Now let’s get into the full review!


Playing with Fire to me is very different from their previous debut tracks it focuses more on delivering the energy and vocals. I loved the EDM sounds that ran throughout the chorus and the later parts of the song also this kind of tropical sound influences that you can also hear throughout the song. The song also has such a pleasant melody but also a good balance of rapping and vocals that flow well with the song so it doesn’t feel like the rapping has been slapped into it. I have to say I really admire Lisa’s rapping I find it so unique and she has this aura of swag around her when she raps as well.. Jennie’s rapping is also stunning because when I heard her in Whistle my first thoughts were ‘woah’. The vocals in this song are also impressive again I absolutely love Rose vocals simply because I think they are so stable but I just don’t think we are seeing her maximum potential yet and this is the same with Jisoo. Overall a really nice paced song (not to fast, not to slow) that makes use of a good beat without over-doing it and shows the a growth since debut.

In terms of the music video I really enjoyed, it was visually very pleasing.. But I didn’t see much of a relationship between the lyrics and the MV which was something I think could of work well here.  It just normally consisted of normal pace choreography scenes and slow motioned close up shots. However the camera angles were amazing and the music video flowed really well and the locations and props were amazing. The choreography shown in the MV goes nicely and I think BLACKPINKS dance choreography is definatly something that makes them stand out because it is slick, clean and in other words on point.



Stay  is a gentle, carefree, indie-influenced pop ballad. It has a mid-tempo beat backed by a strong guitar instrumental, playfully uplifting clapping, and light traces of elegant violins here and there. The catchy “La La La La La” makes “Stay” easy on the ears and delightful. Stay showcased the groups flexibility vocally and visually and also shows their ability to sing and perform songs that are not hugely pop or dance influenced.  Stay creates a beautiful and wonderful atmosphere to all there listeners out there but it may not be as addicting as there other tracks.

The MV for stay was artistic and visually very well done. Stay portrays the girls running around through a desolate town that lacks little life and color. Despite the depressing state of the town, just like life itself, there is symbolism throughout the MV. You can find cute or motivational words such as “It’s A Good Day” and “Look What Happens, We Are In Love.” Camera angles again were stunning and just the whole burst of colour that you can see in this MV was beautifully put together. It made me think that this MV must of been very expensive/high budget to shoot as you can visually see that a lot of effort went into it. The girls wear bright smiles and carefree attitudes as they frolic throughout the town and I just couldn’t help but smile with them.



Overall, ‘Square Two’ puts together pop music with two influences; EDM and indie. Both songs consist of their own charms that make the mini album a worthydownload for people who enjoy various genres.

Thats it the end of the review! What did you think of BLACKPINK’S comeback?

This is my favourite dance point from Playing with Fire hehe I just thought to put it here to end this post





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