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Hi Everyone! I’m Enisha and a huge welcome to my blog that’s got everything from your books all the way to your music..I also had a blog before this but I soon began to realize that I needed a new blog since I was expanding to different subjects and well it seemed that the name of my old blog didn’t seem to fit the content any more. So on this blog I will be charge of Music and Film/TV I honestly love listening to music and I hope as I blog you guys will be able to see how I don’t stick to one genre of music. I am also a Film/TV lover I mean who isn’t and I look forward to sharing my opinions on popular TV shows with you all and seeing if we have

So on this blog there will a range of things such as TV, Film, Music, Photography, Fashion and book reviews because looove reading over here! Through this blog I hope you guys will not only learn a lot about me but I can also learn a lot about you guys through all your comments.

I hope Lilac Leaves becomes a useful and helpful blog to you all and you all join me on this blogging adventure!





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