Spotlight K-POP: February Faves

So February has now come and gone and I think its safe to say that it was a real good month for K-POP in terms of releases, achievements ect. Although, I have to keep reminding myself that it is still only 2 months into 2018 yet there so much content being released I can hardly… Continue reading Spotlight K-POP: February Faves

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How I Started A Society At University

Today's edition of 'My Crazy Life' features the story of how I started my own society at university. I have mentioned maybe once in a previous post that I was in the midst of starting up the society but today I'm here to tell you how I did it and who knows maybe you'll end… Continue reading How I Started A Society At University

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New Content On Lilac Leaves!

Today I am here with a short blog post to finally introduce to you all a new page/new content that I'm bringing to Lilac Leaves. The new content I have decided add will hopefully help me become a much more frequent blogger since I hope to at least blog on that page once or twice… Continue reading New Content On Lilac Leaves!

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So the end of 2017 brought many ends of year performances and the beginning of 2018 had brought even more stages, comebacks and amazing Music Videos. This post, in particular, is inspired by the Golden Disk Awards that took place recently in Korea just a few days ago. After watching the performances I had a light… Continue reading DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE WHEN WATCHING K-POP